Lancôme Juicy shaker on marble
Hi there, welcome back to my blog again! Today I’m reviewing a new product by Lancôme; The Juicy Shaker. With the tagline “Shake it, twist it, love it”, this pretty lip product is spot-on! The cute packaging, looking like a cocktailshaker, drew my attention immediately, so I got it and reviewed it! Let’s take a look.


This ‘shaker’ contains two parts: an oil base and pigment. The two are obviously separated in the bottle. In order to mix the two substances together, you need to shake it up, just like you would with a cocktail shaker, original, isn’t it?

But what’s so awesome about this product?
First of all, there’s the applicator. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before: so cute and soft! It’s some kind of cushion with which you can apply the product. It feels very nice on your lips, very nurturing.
Down the bottle, there’s three little holes, which let the right amount of product through. The product is super easy to use! You can’t go wrong with this.
Then there’s the perfume! It’s smells super nice and sweet! And every color has its own smell, quite fun. Mine smells a bit like cherries, but sweeter. 
As you can see, the applicator is rather big (compared to a regular lipgloss applicator or a lipstick), but this forms no problem. Because the product is sheer, you practically won’t be able mess up. I do feel though, that this product works best on people with very light-colored lips. I naturally have rather dark lips, so the product isn’t as visible on me as it would be on other people’s lips.
The result is very light, which is perfect for the spring/summer. It kind of reminds me of Benefit’s benetint (lip and cheek stain), because it leaves somewhat of a light stain, but because this is oil-based, it doesn’t dry up on your lips. The product keeps on feeling soft, without being too sticky.
I got the Juicy Shaker in the color “Cherry Symphony” which is basically the darkest color I could find. Mind that the others, which are lighter in color, might be sheerer on the lips than this one. There are 13 other colors available:
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From left to right:

  • Berry in Love
  • Lemon Explosion
  • Meli Melon
  • Boom Meringue
  • Wonder Melon
  • Berry Tale
  • Mangoes Wild
  • Mint to Be (this is the blue color on the picture. Don’t be alarmed, it doesn’t dry up blue on your lips. It has some blue pigment in it though, making your teeth appear whiter. But your lips won’t look blue!)
  • Apri Cute
  • Freedom of Peach
  • Cherry Synphony
  • Great Fruit
  • Walk the Lime
  • Vanilla Pop
 Pros of the product:
  • Very nurturing for your lips
  • Very pretty colors, not too shiny and totally summer-proof
  • Fun packaging
  • High end brand, but pretty affordable!
  • The smell, it’s heavenly! + all colors have a unique fragrance of their own
Contras of the product:
  • If you don’t like a sheer finish, this product won’t satisfy you
  • Needs to be reapplied throughout the day, especially after eating
  • Many colors look very alike. Because of this, I can’t imagine someone getting all the colors, unless you’re a real beauty addict. I would choose maximum 2-4 varying colors and stick with those, rather than buying all of them.

I would recommend this for you when you’re not into very extravagant, pigmented colors, but you like to wear something on your lips other than your average lipbalm. I would not recommend this when you only like matte finish lipsticks or you want something that’s going to blow your mind. This product is simply perfect for everyday use, nothing more, nothing less.
Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker sells for €18,25.
I hope you enjoyed the review!
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