Shirt with a twist with a bare back
It’s been only a few weeks since Paris’ Fashion Week but already many new trends have been spotted (duh). A few days ago, I ran into an interesting one… At first I found it to be strange, but the more I saw it, the more I started to like it because of its simplicity. It’s something all of us have in our closet! (isn’t that great?). No need to buy something new. Just take your favorite shirt and see what you can do with it! 

Shirt with a twist with a bare back

Yes, you’ve got that right! Wearing your shirt the other way around is the new trend, and I like it. Women have been experimenting with this piece of clothing for ages and it has become a true staple because of its simplicity and adaptability. Shirts can be worn on various occasions and in different seasons. Wearing it backwards can make your shirt look extra feminine and sexy.

Waving shirt with a twist
There are various ways you can style this look and I picked three to show you guys. Let’s look at my three favorites:  
The used shirt with the bralette

The first one is the same style as in my two previous pictures. You put on your shirt backwards and only button up the first two buttons top-down. This way you get a lovely reverse V-shape, showing off your back. Be careful though, when you’re wearing a shirt like this with no bra on a windy day… Your shirt might catch the wind and fly up, and you probably don’t want to flash everyone around you 😉

Open shirt with a twist and my visible bralette
If wearing no bra at all is too risky for you, you can go for a pretty  bralette underneath, like I did. Bralettes are super feminine and give that extra pop to your look.
Back of a closed shirt with a twist
The second look is my favorite out of the three looks. It still shows off your back but without the risk of flying up. You leave your shirt open and make a knot at the bottom. It’s easier with a longer shirt, because this gives you more fabric to make your knot with. But my shirt was just a regular one, and it worked just fine. 
Upside down V in my shirt with a twist
The third, and with that also the last look is the most obvious one. You put on your shirt backwards, and you (probably ask someone to help you, like I did) button it up completely. This is perfect for when it’s still chilly outside (believe me, when we were shooting this, I was freezing my ass off… It’s still April and even though the sun was out, it was pretty cold to run around with a bare back). This is perfect for the ladies who want to make a statement, without having to go completely out of their comfort zone.
Shirt with a twist with a closed back
And for those of you who are wondering what it looks like in the front, it’s actually not that bad. When I saw all these street style pictures from fashion week and the pins on pinterest, I could only see pictures of the girls’ back… All well and good, but I wondered what it would look like in the front. Since a shirt is not cut to be worn reversed, I figured this could cause some problems. I was pleased to see the result, it actually works!

So ladies (and boys, what the heck, they can pull off this trend too), what do you think? Will we be seeing a lot of shirts with a twist this summer? Are you going to give it a go? I certainly am!

Have a lovely day!