Bomber jacket and flatforms
Hello fashionistas! I have another trend-watch post for you guys. This week I’ll be showing you
the one-and-only bomber jacket (which, as you may have noticed, has been renewed and is totally hot this spring/summer) combined with another huge trend: flatforms. Want to know more about these two trends? Then keep on reading!

The Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket against the wall

The first trend I have for you guys, is this lovely type of jacket. Bomber jackets used to be part of soldiers’ military outfit, hence the name bomber jacket. They used to be stuffed with fur and had a leather finish, that way the soldiers would stay warm during combat. During the 1970s social groups such as skinheads picked up on the trend, and started wearing bomber jackets as a part of their attire.

irish-skinheads-300x270Bomber military

Images via Schott and madouttamehead

Of course, this is something the fashion industry picked up on (think about other military trends, such as the camouflage prints) and put its own twist to it. It used to be very popular in the 1990s and like all fashion trends tend to do, made its return now, anno 2016.

This beautiful bomber jacket

Even though the bomber jacket’s background is very masculine, nowadays, there’s a lot of feminine silhouettes on the market. The jacket I chose isn’t made of the typical thick fabric of a bomber jacket, it isn’t stuffed either. I chose this because the sun was shining and it was pretty hot outside. This kind of flimsy fabric is perfect for those summer days when there’s still some chilly wind. The floral print makes it even more perfect for spring and summer.

Me being very happy with the flatforms and the bomber jacket
Too hot outside? If you’re wearing a bomber jacket made out of thin fabrics like mine, you can wrap it around your middle. This way, you’re even trendier. Wrapping shirts or, like in my case, jackets around your waist is another trend that has made its return from the 90s.  


The second trend are flatforms. We all know what platform shoes are; pretty high heels, made more comfortable by an added platform. Flatforms are a variant of platform heels. Sneakers are totally hot, but not always as special. So, when you combine platforms and sneakers (or sandals, these work too) you get this new hype: flatform shoes. 
Flatforms on point
They can be as bold and as high as you yourself want them to be. I have a pretty normal pair: not too high, but just special enough for me. They’re navy blue and have a white, ribbed-kind of texture. Even though they’re not that high, they do make me taller and they’re a real eye-catcher. I got mine from Zara (they’re currently in sale, yay!) but you’ll notice that you’ll find them everywhere these days. 
Bomber jacket on the hips and flatforms
Would you wear bomber jackets and flatform shoes? What’s your favorite trend? Let me know in the comments!
Have a lovely day! 
Shirt – Uniqlo, Jeans – Zara, Shoes – Zara, Bomber – Mexx, Watch – Daniel Wellington