Hey sweeties, I have another outfit post for you today! Whenever I walk into a clothing shop, one of the first things I notice these days is a wall of white. Even though flashy colors are trendy as well, plain white is totally in this spring/summer. I know the color white is kind of tricky for some people, so I tried to come up with some tips in order to pull it off anyway. Let’s have a look! 

Black-white-striped sweater with white pants
Plain white. It’s something you’ll see a lot this season. Not the easiest trend, but definitely one worth trying. I hear a lot of people saying “white pants make me look fat”, but they won’t if you wear them correctly. First of all, make sure you have the right size! Ignore the number, but make sure you are comfortable. If pants fit, you won’t feel as if you’re being squished into them.  A second tip: I always try to wear a shirt or a sweater that’s slightly longer than usual. This hides the hips a little, but in a flattering way. Do you have the confidence to flaunt a crop-top on white pants? Then definitely go for it girl!
Monochromatic white outfit
Monochrome is a trend that’s been here for a while now. During the winter, my closet mainly consisted out of black and grey colors. Now that the temperatures are slightly rising, it’s time to switch to the whites. Going white all the way might be a bit too daring, which is why I opted for a striped sweater. It’s no secret that I might be addicted to stripes. They simply fit every type of style: casual, streetstyle, dressy,… Black & white stripes break the all-white look, making it a little bit more wearable.
Monochromatic white outfit
Another thing you can do to pull of the monochrome trend, is play around with accessories. Details are key! The colors I wanted for this look were white, with a tad of black and some gold. See how my watch matches the zippers on my little bag? It’s all about the details, guys. 
Adidas Stan Smiths
A monochrome look, obviously, works best with shoes in the same color as the rest of your outfit. Even though black shoes could work as well, these white Adidas originals are the finishing touch to my look. Bonus points for being super comfy! Do you want to fancy up your look? Wear some nude of white heels and you’re good to go. 
 Monochromatic white outfit

And for those of you who are messy and clumsy (like me), you’ll just have to be careful! Make sure you don’t sit down on dirt and please, watch out when you eat that icecream or drink that glass of red wine. I wore this outfit to the Antwerp Pressdays last week (post about this will be up soon) and I survived the day without spilling! If I can do it, you can do it for sure! 😉

It’s a simple trend, nothing too outrageous and very wearable. Especially when the sun’s out! Will you guys try it out?

Details: Sweater – H&M, Jeans – Stradivarius, Bag – Zara, Shoes – Adidas, Sunglasses – Rayban 

Have a lovely day!