Truth be told, it’s no secret that I might be a little bit addicted to makeup. This means I like to buy a lot of makeup products, which is awesome (not so awesome for my wallet, but oh well…) but sadly, I can’t always take everything with me. I made a selection of products that I can put in this cute little bag when I’m going out for a day or two. Let’s have a look together, shall we?

The first product from left is the Ultra Contour Palette by Revolution, a brand I didn’t know until a few weeks ago. What’s so good about it is that it’s extremely cheap ( €9,95) for pretty good quality. The darker tones are a perfect match for my skin, the yellow color is good for getting rid of dark circles and the highlighters are super pigmented. This is the biggest product I carry around, but I just can’t miss it.

The second product is my Garnier BB cream – miracle skin perfector (in light/claire). As of late, this has become my absolute favorite face product. Before this, I always used foundations, which are good but they are often too heavy. I wanted to try a BB cream because it’s better for the skin and I must say, this makes my skin radiant, plus it gives good coverage. A+.

Next is another product from Makeup Revolution. It’s the Highlight Countour Stick. This is my favorite product for highlighting my cheekbones (except for MAC’s soft and gentle, but this is way more affordable). I like to put this on the cheekbones, smudge it with my fingers and then finish it with some highlight powder from the palette. Absolute perfection.

The last face product is the first blush I ever bought from MAC, and it’s also my favorite. I bought it a few years ago and I still have it! MAC is not always cheap, but it goes a long way. The blush is called Peaches and as the name says, it’s a very soft peachy color. Very pretty during spring.

Essentials for my eyes

Now look at the eyes. If I only could choose two products to only use forever, I’d go for liquid eyeliner and mascara. Seriously, I can’t go without. People who know me know that I (almost) never go outside without my winged liner. Yeah. What you see here are two products from MUA, which I’m currently testing out. I’ve not been using them for a long time but I can tell you now that the eyeliner is super! It wears a long time, it’s matte, the handle is easy in use and it’s extremely affordable. I’m not a big fan of the mascara though, I like bigger brushes.



Then there’s also this Sleek eyebrow kit (in Light 817), which as you can see, has been in my bag for quite some time. It has become a staple in my makeup bag. For eyeshadow, I tend to differentiate between little palettes  and right now I’m obsessed with this little thing from Dior. This is not a full-size product, I got this as a present, because I had bought two Dior products. For it being a free palette, the quality is absolutely a-mazing! Seriously, if it were for sale, I’d recommend everyone to go and get it.


Finally, a few of my favorite brushes.The one on the left is one from Elf, so once again, very affordable. It’s the best facebrush I’ve ever had (for that price). Next to it you find my two favorite Real Techniques brushes, one for contouring/shaping and one for foundation. Then a staple MAC brush (the 219) which is perfect for the outer-V or for shading under the eyes. And the last brush is the Brow Brush, also from Real Techniques. I just realised I didn’t put in any eyeshadow brushes (apart from the MAC brush), but that’s because a lot of times, I just my fingertips when I’m in a hurry. The eyeshadow brushes I like to use are also from Real Techniques and are from the same collection as the brow brush.You can find all of the products here (Belgium and The Netherlands):

  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette: €9,95 (here).
  • Garnier BB cream: €10,29 (here).
  • MAC blush in Peaches: €22,50 (here).
  • Makeup Revolution Highlight Stick: €6,95 (here).
  • MUA Matte Black Eyeliner: €3,49 (here).
  • MUA Define Eye mascara: €4,99 (here).
  • Sleek Brow Kit: €10,49 (here).
  • Real Techniques Brushes (set face): €25,49 (here).
  • Real Techniques Brushes (set eyes): €25,99 (here).
  • MAC 219 brush: €27,00 (here).
  • ELF Complexion Brush: €4,00 (here).

Have a lovely day!