Hi beauties! Remember in my last beauty post I said there are two major trends happening in beauty land? The first one, brows, I already covered by reviewing Benefit’s new brow products. The second trend includes a lot of shine and shimmer: I’m talking about highlighters. I’ll show you some of my favorites if you keep on reading!

 jeffree star cosmetics in peach goddess, the balm in the maryloumanizer, sleek in solstice Contouring. Shaping. Strobing. Baking. Highlighting. For some of you these words might sound like Chinese. They’re the trends that are going on in the makeup industry. I want to talk specifically about highlighting because there’s this absolute craze for highlight going on. After the “full face with only highlighter” challenge exploded on youtube, it seems like everyone is obsessed with the perfect glow.

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You certainly have seen celebrities on the red carpet, with their beautiful glowy makeup. That glow you see around the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow is the highlight. It’s supposed to make you look young, healthy, hydrated…And all this in just a few seconds. Some say highlighters are overrated nowadays, but I love them just as much.


Just like any type of makeup product, highlighters can go from really affordable to super duper expensive. I picked out 3 of my favorites from different categories. These aren’t too expensive though, it’s definitely possible to go waaaay up in price if you want to (think Chanel, think YSL,…). Those highlighters are great, but you do not need to spend 50$ to glow to the gods.

1. Highlighting Palette – Solstice by Sleek

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis, my dear friends, is a highlighting palette many a makeup guru has raved about. Why? It is very affordable and one of the best highlighters I’ve ever seen. For €13,95 you get 4 (!) amazing colors; one cream and three powders. The pigment of these is amazing. I love using the cream first as a base (applying it with my finger) and then adding one of the powders on top to really make it pop. The lavender color is my favorite, because it’s different (hello, it’s purple!) but it doesn’t make your face look like you’ve been punched. The yellow one is perfect for really pale people and the orange-y is awesome for deeper skintones. Nevertheless, I like mixing all colors together because I just like looking like a disco ball (not even kidding).

2. Mary Loumanizer by The Balm


This one is another crowd favorite: the Mary Loumanizer by the Balm. The Balm kind of reminds me of Benefit (which is one of my favorite brands) but they’re a little bit more affordable. The picture doesn’t do the highlight justice (I work with natural lighting and the sun wasn’t really doing me any favors that day); it’s a very pretty gold-like glitter. It has become one of my absolute staples. You can build it up if you’re going for that greek goddess look or simply wear it lightly if you want a sheer glow.

3. Peach Goddess Skinfrost by Jeffree Star Cosmetics


This one is perfect for all you highlight addicts out there. If you really like something special, this is definitely worth your money. I use this highlight also as an eyeshadow, in the inner eye corners, etc. I pretty much use it anywhere I can. This is the most expensive highlighter I currently own but it also has the biggest pan-size. Seriously, this big a highlighter will stay with you for the rest of your life… It’s bigger than my hand (!). Only downside is that you can only get it online from the States, for which you have to pay extra custom taxes.


These are my favorite brushes to apply highlighter with. The first two are from Boozyshop, the last one from Real Techniques. A fan brush would work too, but I do not own one right now, I’ll link you to a good one here.


  • Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice: €13,95 (online or in Di beautyshops)
  • The Balm Mary Loumanizer: €20,50 (online or €19 in Di beautyshops)
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Peach Goddess: $29,00 (almost always sold out, check JS’s twitter and snapchat to know when there’s a restock. He’s coming out with four new shades soon too!)


Have a glowy summer!