Hey lovelies! Another Wednesday, another blogpost! This week I have a new trend watch article for you ready. Chokers. It’s a trend that I was first apprehensive about, but it grew on me and now I absolutely love it! There are so many different ways to style chokers, and I’d like to show you some of them.


I remember chokers being super popular back when I was little. You could get them from those kind of candy/vending machines, where you’d put in a quarters or so. Today, you’ll find chokers in all trendy stores and in fashion magazines. The choker has made its comeback and I can only be happy because of it.

I prepared four ways of styling a choker into your outfit.

Oldschool Chic


This kind of choker is definitely the most famous one. Everyone wore these when I was little. It’s that typical 90s kind of choker, that you could find in those vending machines I told you about. The fun thing about these is that they’re not only stylish, they’re also super affordable. They’re also most comfortable to wear, since the material is stretchy. I like to combine these with a simple tee and my leather jacker for that 90s vibe (preferably with a dark or nude lip, which I forgot for this photo, oops).

Casual Chic


I’ve been wearing this choker pretty much every day. This one is from Zara (it’s in sale now!) and it’s actually a set of three. I liked this set because there are endless ways to style it: you could wear only one or wear them all together. I love wearing these with a v-shaped shirt/blouse, so that you can really see the jewelry. They’re such an easy way to vamp up your look.

Cinderella Chic

P7170447Chokers also remind me of Cinderella, she also wears a choker and makes it look chic and classy. This one (also from zara) always makes me feel like a little princess whenever I wear it. CinderellaPhotoChokers can be very formal and classy if you wear them with an off-the-shoulder dress or top. You’ll feel like a princess too, promise! Perfect for prom as well!

Mix ‘n Match

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis last style is my favorite. It’s the mix ‘n match style! You can wear a choker and combine it with other necklaces to give it that extra oomph. The choker I’m wearing here is from Stradivarius (once again, in sale, yay!) and the necklace is from Zara (I don’t recommend these though, because they came in a set of four and 2 of them broke off after one day of wearing. You’ve been warned). You can also easily make your own choker, by just wrapping some felt chords around your neck!

 ChokersI am seriously in love with this trend and I hope it’ll still be here next season. What do you think of the choker mania? Do you love them too? Let me know down below!

I hope you have a lovely day!