Hi lovies! Money makes the world go round, right? Even though money isn’t and shouldn’t be the most important thing in the world, we also can’t live without it. No one will deny that it gives you a nice feeling to have some cash saved in the bank. I used to be terrible at saving money, but thanks to the help and tips of some good friends, I’m slowly learning. In this blogpost I share with you my 10 tips ‘n tricks to make saving a little easier and much more fun!

1. Stay away from tempting stores

This is probably the most obvious tip I can offer you, yet it is one I mostly fail to do. When you’re saving up money or when you are short on cash, don’t go torture yourself by going to your favorite stores. I know, you go in with a promise to yourself that it’s only going to be window shopping, you’re only going to take a look… and then BAM, you find the dress you’ve been looking for for ages, in your size, and it is hanging on the ‘last chance to buy’ rack (happened to me last week, no kidding yo). You’ll be so tempted to buy stuff you might not actually need. So yeah, it’s an easy trick to keep in mind. Don’t need something? Don’t go to the store.

2. Delete Marketing/Brand Apps

This one hangs closely together with tip No.1. As much as I love browsing through the endless pages of Zara, Asos and H&M, I know I’ll be tempted to order online. It’s so easy nowadays. They throw ‘free shipping’ and “15% discounts” in your face like it’s Christmas and you don’t even need to take out your card. Stop there. When you’re short on money, delete these kind of apps, maybe even block the websites for a while, until you’re back on your feet. Stay away from temptation and you’ll be fine!


3. Use different savings accounts

People who only have one current account and one savings account are more prone to spending their money. I used to be one of those people. If you’re able to, try having at least two savings accounts; one you put on money for long-term saving and emergencies, and one for little things. The latter, should be an additional one, where you can get money from whenever you need it. It’s important that you don’t just take money from the long-term account. Once you’ve taken a small amount of money from that account, the boundary is crossed and it’ll be much harder to keep your hands off of it. Try to put money aside on a monthly basis on the long-term account too. You’ll be amazed how much fun saving money can be and how quickly it goes.

4. Write everything down

Keep a money journal. Whether it’s actually written or in an app format, just do it. Once you realize what is coming in and what is going out, and to what, you’ll be more careful to spend your money. Many people like writing down but I’m such a mess… I prefer an app. A perfect app for this is Moneywiz. I love using this app because it doesn’t only keep track of your incomes and expenses, it also makes charts and figures for whatever you want. This way you get to see what you’ve spent at the end of the month, which can be a real eyeopener.


5. The 5-pieces trick

This is a great trick if you’re addicted to buying clothes (kinda like I am). Even though you may have three closets filled with clothes, you still end up buying that cute new blazer? Yeah, I know the feeling. Guilty as charged. But, here’s a trick: whenever you fit something, try imagining at least five pieces you already own that would go with it. If you can’t find five, then don’t buy it. This would mean you would have to buy even more pieces, to make sure you have enough stuff that goes along with that one piece.

6. Know your money’s worth

Another trick is trying to think about the amount of effort and work you had to put into achieving that product, before actually buying it. Do you really want to spend more than a €100 on a dress when you realize you had to work more than a day to achieve that kind of money? The answer might still be yes, I understand that, but it’s a good thing to realize it.

7. Save coins piggy bank

I’ve stopped doing this but I plan on picking it up again, because it’s an easy way of saving! Every time I spent money and got €2 in return, I would put it in my piggy bank. It was kinda crazy, because after about 2 months I had saved €50. Sure, it’s not 1K, but hey, it’s a nice extra that you save, that you would otherwise have spend on coffee and other insignificant things.


8. Invest in a good coffee machine rather than getting coffee on the go

This only applies when you’re a coffee addict like I am, but you can apply it to other things too: cookies, tea,… you name it. Grabbing a coffee on the go is fun, but it also gets very expensive very quickly. I’ve spend about €21 on coffees on the go last month (which I know thanks to that app). Imagine spending €20 a month on coffee, that’s just crazy. Once you realize where your money is going, you can also do something about it.

9. No excuses

This is something I find myself quite often guilty off: finding excuses for myself. After buying that dress, I will tell myself (and others): “I really needed that.” or, “It’s for the blog!.”, or even worse “But it was such a bargain!”. Something being a good bargain is not necessarily a reason to buy it, especially if you’re not able to afford it really. A buy is only justified when you are able to buy it without feeling guilty or needing to find an excuse.

10. Sell things that have been hanging in your closet untouched for over a year.

Every year, I clean out my closet. I always find things I had forgotten about and won’t ever wear again. Once you have a certain amount of clothing you don’t wear anymore, try to sell it! Go to a flea market, sell it on ebay, hold a clothing-swap or closet sale with girlfriends,… The options are endless. You’ll be amazed how much unused money is actually hanging in your closet and how nice it is to let go of your old rags and still get something for it. Of course, you can also always donate your old clothes to a shelter or a good cause. As long as you don’t throw them away, it’s all good!

I hope my tips ‘n tricks are helpful. Please feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comment section, let’s help each other out here!

I hope you have nice day!