Colored Eyeliner Hema

Hi lovies! Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t live without my black liquid eyeliner. It’s kind of my safety blanket. If I could only buy one type of product for the rest of my life, it would definitely be liner. But, as much as I love my black wing, I’ve discovered a loving for colored liners as well! Last week, I talked about metallic trends in fashion, this week let’s discuss some metallics in beauty.

Colored Eyeliner Hema

I saw these four liners by accident when I walked into Hema (which is a Dutch store, for all you international readers), and they immediately drew my attention. I’m so used to wearing my black liner every single day, that I never really considered spicing it up a bit. I’m glad I bought these because, not only are they very affordable, they also look super cool!

There were four metallic eyeliners, but I only picked up three of them (I didn’t get the silver one because it was sold out). I also got a regular dark blue one. Hema doesn’t give names to their products, only numbers, so I named them myself.

24 Dark Blue Eyeliner

Dark Blue Eyeliner

This is the only color I picked up that wasn’t metallic, but wanted to try anyway because blue eyeliner is safe, yet different. It’s the same color as in the previous picture. As you can see, dark colored eyeliner is subtle, but interesting. It’s something different than just your daily black wing but not over the top. The dark blue is now my go-to everyday look, whenever I don’t feel like wearing black.

75 Metallic Light Blue Eyeliner

Metallic Light Blue Eyeliner

This color is my absolute favorite! favorite. This metallic electric blue blue color is stunning. It immediately brightens up your face because it adds a pop of color, without it being too much. You don’t have to be afraid to look like a clown, because it’s just a simply line, but it does spice things up a bit. This color also reminds me of vacation for some reason. Love it!

73 Bronze Eyeliner

Bronze Eyeliner

I love this color for fall! It’s a simple color but it’s a bit more special than simple brown-y colors. This bronze color would also be perfect for blondies; black can sometimes be too harsh for blondines, especially when you’re not used to wearing makeup. If you have blue eyes, this color will make them pop for sure!

76 Metallic Purple Eyeliner


This is my least favorite product out of these four liners. Not because I don’t like the color, it’s gorgeous! Purple makes green eyes stand out more. But the consistency is very sheer. Different pigments can alter a product’s formula, which is the reason why the blue and brown colors are fine, and the purple is not opec. This color needed two layers for it to look okay, which might not be the greatest thing when you’re a beginner and/or scared of messing up. If you’re not used to applying eyeliner and you’re in a hurry, this color will be hell for you.

Colored Eyeliner HEMA

I do recommend these liners for anyone who wants to play around with colors, but doesn’t want to spend €20. These retail for only €3 a piece, which is an incredible pricepoint. They stay on all day, as long as it doesn’t rain or you don’t cry (don’t go watch sad movies with these, you’ll regret it). These colors are also totally fall-prove and they’re an easy way to change up your makeup routine once in a while!

You can find these liners here or in the Hema stores.

What’s your favorite color of eyeliner? Would you like a tutorial on how I managed to apply liner everyday within 1 minute? Let me know in the comments!

As always, I hope you have a lovely day!