Metallic look
Hi fashionistas! I have a new trend watch for you guys, and it is a good one! There’s this trend going on in the beauty and fashion world that’s kind of “alien-like”, and guess what, I love it. Two buns on top of your head, blinding highlighter, big round sunglasses, the crazier the better. But my favorite “alien” trend must be metallics. I’ve always been a fan of everything glittery and shiny, so metallic fabrics are definitely my cup of tea.


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Alien-like trends are popping up everywhere! I saw a comment about this on a youtube clip a few weeks ago and it stuck to me, because it’s true. Shiny fabrics, flawless airbrushed makeup, two buns, metallic nails,… It all has an alien- and futuristic feel to it. Not sure what I mean? If you look up pictures from last We Can Dance festival, you’ll see what I mean.

The Metallic Trend

Metallic look

Because of this, I couldn’t stay behind. Meet one of my favorite outfits of the season: Midi skirts, crop top and leather jacket. The eye-catcher of this look is definitely the pink metallic midi-skirt. When I saw this hanging on the rack at Zara I simply couldn’t resist. I love finding pieces of clothing that make a statement, that are special and are really out there. Let’s say this skirt is definitely an eye-catcher.

Metallic look

Metallic look

I wanted to make it extra metallic by adding the silver shoes. It’s not all that crazy, since I could’ve gone for metallic lipstick, metallic nails and a metallic top as well, but that might have been a little bit of an overkill. Yet, it can work; this skirt also came with a top to go along with it, as you can see here. If you combine it like that, you get a fancy-looking dress.

The metallic silver shoes are from Zara as well, only €12 in the sales so definitely worth getting if you can still find them in your size. Believe it or not, they’re super comfortable.

Sweet vs. Sexy

Metallic look

Metallic lookThese colors, also, are super trendy. Combine sweet, pink-y tones with harder black or grey tones and your look is on point. Also think about mixing sheer fabrics such as lace or silk with rougher fabrics such as leather and suede. The contrast between these two makes the perfect balance between sweet ‘n sexy. Pinks, white and black are definitely my favorite colors this season.

Metallic look

Everything I’m wearing in this article is from Zara (are you surprised?) except for the bag, that one is from H&M and the choker is from Stradivarius.

What do you think of the ‘alien’ type of look? Do you enjoy wearing metallics as much as I do?

Have a shiny day lovelies!