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Hey fashion lovers! Even though I absolutely adore Summer, I’m far from sad that the weather is slowly turning into fall-season. Leaves are slowly starting to fall, the sun is still shining but temperatures are dropping and my wardrobe is changing. Apart from the annual cold I catch always around this time of the year, I really love September and October. Let’s have a look at my favorite Summer-Fall transition outfit ?

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Okay okay, I admit, while shooting this the sun was still shining and the temperature was actually pretty hot. But that’s what September is about; one day it’s chilly, the other the sun is showing her best side. I was just really in the mood for fall colors and I think this dress is perfect for the transition from Summer into fall. It’s perfect for wearing bare-legged, but whenever it gets chilly, you can wear it with a thick pair of socks. The sleeves aren’t short, but aren’t long either, I love this! Besides, the color is totally fall-proof.

Pantone Colors

Pantone colors fall 2016Source

Just look at the colors for Fall that Pantone has come up with after New York Fashion Week. Aren’t they perfect? You’ve got your typical greens and browns, but also blue and pink, which are more unusual for Fall. I’m excited to see how this will translate in stores.


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So yeah, the green color on this dress immediately made me excited to wear it, even though it was actually way too hot that day. I also rediscovered this little gem of a bag from Longchamps. This one is in the size S and it is literally perfect. I’ve always loved the Longchamps Pliage bags but the reason why I love this one in particular is because it looks small and works perfect as an everyday handbag, yet you could fit a lot in there. My camera fits in there easily, which is important for me, as I’m always dragging it along everywhere I go.

Makeup of the Day


As for makeup, this is what it looked like, close-up. As much as I adore Summer, Fall will forever be my fave when talking about makeup. Dark red lips, dramatic eyes… it’s all fall-proof. I’ve missed my vampy-red lipsticks and my copper eyeshadows. And who ever said red eyeshadow makes you look ill? When applied the right way, in combination with a sharp winged liner and some falsies, you’ll look sickening, but not ill, promise.

fall look

I think it’s safe to say I’m completely and utterly ready for Fall to come. (ignore the fact that I’ll be in Spain for two weeks soon, but shh)

What’s your favorite season and why? Let me know!

As always, have a lovely day!