essie, gel couture, nailpolish

Hi beauties! Essie has been around for a while and has gained a special place in my nail-art loving heart. Even though I don’t practice nail art anymore like I used to, I still love to rock a pretty nail on a daily basis. Essie came with a new formula in order to change the game: Essie Gel Couture. No lamps, long-wearing and easy appliance. I tested their new product out and formed my opinion. Want to know more? Grab a cup of coffee and read away.

Essie Gel Couture?

essie, gel couture

Essie has been around for quite a while, and has become a favorite of many. They have affordable nail-polishes, in cute bottles and offer great quality. But, nail-polish only lasts so long before it starts to chip. My experience? Normal Essie nail-polishes tend to last about 5 days before they start to chip… Which is not a long time, but longer than usual, compared to cheaper polishes.

As we love our nails to last longer, but we don’t like to pay a lot of money for expensive manicures, doing your own gel nails at home has become a huge trend. All kinds of brands have come up with their own techniques and formulas, with or without lamps. Essie jumped on the bandwagon and came out with this easy two-step formula, no lamp needed.

essie, gel couture, nailpolish

Essie has changed up their usual straight packaging to a more twisted bottle for the gel-editions. Smart move, I think. The packaging is very cute and you recognize it immediately! Only disadvantage? It might be harder to store them next to your other bottles.

I got two colors ( Model Clicks & Pinned Up ) and the top coat, which is needed if you want this formula to work. The top coat will make them look flawless and as if they were done professionally.

Essie, nailpolish, gel couture

nailpolish, essie, brush

Appliance is truly super easy. As Essie describes it on their website: “[There’s a] brand new curve-hugging brush for perfect color coverage.” The brush takes on the same shape as your nail, which makes it easier to get into those itty bitty corners.

It’s a two-step system. First: you apply the color. I prefer two thin layers, rather than one thick layer, this prevents your nail-polish (any nail-polish) from chipping so soon. Secondly: Wait about one minute till the polish has dried, and then you add the topcoat. Voila, it’s as easy as that. It’s actually the same as your normal nail-routine, but the formula is so amazing, it makes it look like a real manicure and it stays on very well.

Pinned Up

essie, gel couture, nail polish

This is the color I had before I put on the burgundy color. This shows 2 weeks of wear. As you can see, there is no chipping whatsoever. It still looked pretty perfect! The color had just lost a bit of its shine… but I guess that’s normal after moving around with your hands for two weeks.

Model Clicks nail polish, essie, gel couture

This is how it looks when it’s freshly applied. The shine on these is incredible, they really look like they’re put on with gel… When in fact, the only thing you have to do is what you would normally do when using a nail-polish.


essie, nail polish, gel couture

My mom is very allergic to all kinds of cosmetics. Whenever she used to put on nail-polish, she would break out and suffer from a terrible rash. We don’t really know what exactly causes this but she has always been unable to do her nails (with the exception of real gel nails, but that’s expensive and time-consuming.) Until now. She tried out this Gel Couture from Essie and has had no troubles so far. We’ve been testing these polishes out together for over a month now, and she’s still rash-free, which is amazing. If you are suffering from break-outs when you use regular nail polishes, you might want to have a look at these.

essie gel couture

In short:

  • Price: €14,90 at Planet Parfum
  • Very long wearing, up to two weeks, as promised on packaging
  • Easy to use, no lamps needed
  • Super shiny
  • Seems to work, even when you have allergies
  • Disadvantage: you need to buy the top coat in order for the product to do its job well

I am in love with this product and I am definitely going to get myself some more colors to make my nails totally fall-proof. Are you going to get these?

Have a lovely day!