Aria Montgomery Simply by Charlotte

Hi fashionistas! This must be one of my most requested style files ever. She was high on my own list anyway, so knowing Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars was also very popular with you guys, I couldn’t resist making an article about her style. Definitely keep on reading if you want to know more about her look and how to dress more like her.

Remember this new category I introduced to my blog? It was called Style File? If you’ve been coming to my blog regularly, you can skip this part because you’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you’re a newbie, first of all, hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m obsessed with watching series, but what I also love is  (whether I realize I’m doing it or not) studying charachters’ look and how they dress. Because of this I started this new segment on my blog, called Style File. Every few weeks I will talk about how I interpret one of my favourite characters, actresses or singers’ style. This week it’s Aria Montgomery’s turn.



Whether Aria was wearing total clashing prints, or mixing a cute tutu with the idea of bondage, it all doesn’t matter. These type of looks might sound a bit off, but somehow she makes them work. (I bow to her stylist for that)

Alternative Fashionista

Aria Montgomery

It’s hard to pin down Aria’s style. She’s gone through a major evolution throughout the series: she went from borderline emo (remember the pink streak in her hair?) to classy fashionista. Her style also seems to differ a lot. As the other characters in the series are a bit stereotypical (think of Preppy Spencer, Beauty Queen Hannah and tomboy emily), I think Aria is the most difficult to describe. I tried and went with Alternative fashionista.

aria montgomery jumpsuit

I saw her wearing this similar kind of bomber and that’s when I knew I wanted to discuss her. It downed on me that, no matter when or where, Aria has always been on trend. Whatever she was wearing, might not have been the thing at that right moment, but it became trendy afterwards. I saw her wearing this type of bomber two episodes ago, so I went with it. Bombers are so in right now, it’s impossible to ignore them.


Aria Montgomery bomber jacket

I also recently cut my hair quite a bit shorter. It’s still not as short as how Aria wears it, but I’m getting there (just need to work up the courage). Whether she had her long hairdo, or the short bob she has now, she rocks it! Aria is not the type of gal who would spend hours in the bathroom getting her makeup done. The only particular thing are her eyebrows. Boy, does she have perfect brows! Haha. She once told an interviewer she had her dad to thank for those. I tried to accentuate mine a little harder than I would normally do for this look. But other than that, I kept my makeup look subtle.


Aria Montgomery

I also style this look with my current favorite staples: my Daniel Wellington watch and my Stradivarius black shoulder bag. I feel like Aria would wear this watch too. Her outfits are special enough on their own, she doesn’t need flashy accessories to vamp them up. But when she uses them, she uses them in style, like with this Chloe look-a-like bag.

 Aria Montgomery Palmtrees

At the end of the day, I love Aria as a character, I love how her style is super versatile and up-to-date. If you want to know what’s hot in fashion-world, just look at what Aria was wearing a few episodes ago and you’re pretty much safe.

What about you? Do you like Aria the most? Who else is your favorite liar? And who should be in my next Style File?

As always, hope you have a lovely day,