Hello little monsters. Yes Monsters. It’s almost Halloween, yay! Even though I don’t really celebrate Halloween, I do love watching scary makeup tutorials and see people transform themselves in the creepiest of creepy creatures. I was playing around with makeup the other day when, by accident, I created a look that’s wearable, but still Halloween-worthy (especially when you add some fake blood). Want to know how I got this lovely Halloween inspired makeup look? Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and let me show you.

 halloween inspired makeupThese are the things you need for this look, apart from the usual stuff (like foundation, concealer, contouring,…). You’ll need a dark red liquid lipstick, preferably one that’s eye-safe, because we will use it as eyeliner. This is optional, but I recommend using it: a lip pencil. Four types of brushes: A liner brush, a flat brush, a blending brush and a pencil brush. And lastly, for the eyeshadows I used the Beautykiller  Palette (how perfect is this name for this look tho?) by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. You can use any other palette you prefer. The most important colors are the reds, purples and then an orange-y color as a transition.

Fake blood is optional.

Wearable Version

halloween inspired makeup

As you can see, this look is rather wearable when you don’t add the fake blood. At least, I think it is. I wore it out the other day and only received compliments ? Keep on reading if you want to know how to achieve this look.

If you read on and all these terms are like Chinese to you, don’t fret. I’m working on a beginner series that’ll teach you all the basics of makeup.

The Eyeshalloween inspired makeup

Let’s zoom in! Whoosh, that’s very close ?. The eye look isn’t as complicated as it might look though. I did this:

halloween inspired makeup tutorial


Use Courtney (1) with a blending brush in your crease, to make transitioning the colors later on easier. If you’re using another palette, make sure it’s a neutral color. Then I went in with the blending brush again, and made my crease darker with Confession (2). I also put this color on my lower lid, to make it look extra vampy. Then I applied Vanity (3) with a pencil brush in the crease, to make a soft cut crease. Then I added China White (4) with my finger on my eyelid, but you can also use the flat brush. For exrta definition and to darken it up a bit, I went in Black Rainbow (5) and added this with a pencil brush in the outer V and then blend it out with a blending brush.


For the liner I used JSC Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood. You could also use regular red eyeliner, if you have that. I didn’t so I went with Liquid Lipstick. Sometimes you’ve got to get creative. If you want to do this too, please make sure the product is eye-safe. Same goes for glitter. Many people don’t know you can’t just apply everything onto your eyes. It can really damage them if you don’t use eye-safe products. Google it, before using it!

You just apply the color onto your brush and draw a winged line. Easy as that. If you’re struggling with winged lines, try to find a place you can put your finger to keep your hand steady. I find it easiest to rest my pinky on my cheek. I promise I will make an article on this soon.

The Lips

halloween inspired makeup

Whether you’re working all day or you want to go to a party: you want your lipstick to last. Try using a lip pencil of the same color under your (liquid) lipstick; it really makes a difference. It’ll keep your makeup from bleeding (also, very fitting word-use. Bleeding means that your lipstick gets in the creases of your skin after a few hours, you don’t actually start to bleed.) and it’ll lock it up so it doesn’t move around when you eat or drink. I used the same color on my lips as I used for eyeliner. I recommend using the same product, because it really makes the finished product look like a whole.

The Halloween Version

halloween inspired makeup

Okay so, I realize I went a bit over-board with the purple. But hey, looking like a unicorn zombie has it charms, right? 🙂 But yeah, you can add a bit of fake blood (I got mine for €1 at Kruidvat) to make it look a tiny bit scarier. I am not a SFX specialist, but I know it’s always good to add some black and brown, to make the wounds look more realistic. If you really want to create realistic wounds, you’ll need liquid latex. I recommend looking on YouTube, as there are thousands of artists who explain to you how you can achieve realistic looking wounds.

I hope you have a very scary Halloween!