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Hey lovelies, it’s been a while, right? But I’m back and ready to kick ass again. Or at least, write blogposts again! A few days ago I was surrounded by beautiful palmtrees, but now the leaves are falling from the trees and temperatures are dropping. This means I get to wear cute headgear again! Let’s look at my favorite ways to keep my ears warm this fall and winter.

The Fedora Hat

fedora hat, headgear

Say hi to my absolute favorite hat this season: The Fedora Hat. This type of hat started to make its comeback last year but it’s still trending (Thank God!). Not only will this baby hide your hair from the world on a bad-hair-day (which, let’s face it, we all suffer from every now and then), it will also keep your ears warm (especially when it’s made from whool).

fedora hatYou can find Fedora Hats in all sizes, shapes and colors. Also price range may vary tremendously. I’ve owned two from H&M in the past, which I don’t recommend. These hats vary from €17,95 to about €25,95 but the quality isn’t great. They look fine when you get them, but once the rain touches them, they start to slouch. Keep in mind that you should always be careful with rain when you wear these type of hats. An expensive hat doesn’t mean it won’t slouch. This specific one is from Opus, one of my current favorite brands. It’s made from whool and the quality is great, as is everything that this brand offers.

The Headband


My second, new, favorite is the headband. I never wore this in the past, but now you can’t look past them in the stores. I fell in love with this because it’s stylish but it’s also super warm for your ears as it covers them entirely. I’m one of those people who’s always freezing to death during winter, so I can attest that this band will keep your ears warm.


This headband is from H&M and this time, I do recommend it. It’s only €5,95 and it’s really super comfy. This type of headband also really has this 20’s vibe, and who doesn’t love the roaring twenties’ style?

Kitty Cat Ears

cap, hatThis last one, is a fun one. The world is dull enough as it is, so I try to stand out from time to time. Brands like H&M and Bershka copied Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty cat ears and turned it into a real hype. I got this cap last year, but I’ve seen similar caps in stores now too. Who says wearing something to keep your ears warm needs to be boring?

cap, hats

So my message to you is: if you feel like thinking out-of-the box this season, whether you want to dye your hair pink or just make a statement by wearing a cute cap, go for it. Someone once told me people will always stare when they walk by, so why not make it worth their while? ?

Have a lovely day beauties!