Hi everyone, I think it’s about time that I present myself to you. I’m a man with one of the most versatile spectra of interests. Every time I read about something new, I tend to dive into the subject and do a lot of research. For the people to whom this description isn’t enough, you‘ll know me better as Charlotte’s boyfriend. Writing like this is kind of new to me. I have never written for such a great amount of people. It feels kind of weird, so bear with me.


A lot of subjects have been touched on this blog; from Kylie Jenner’s new make up to the style of PLL Character, Spencer Hastings. There are a lot of other subjects Charlotte would like to discuss, but this isn’t always easy from her point of view. That’s why there will be a column every now and then with my point of view. The POV will sometimes be as a boyfriend, sometimes as a man and sometimes simply as a very interested person. The subjects will be about the hot topics in the blogging-community, but this time with the opinion from an outsider.


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Today, I would like to give you my opinion on makeup. I won’t be reviewing the products, don’t expect any pictures of me with the newest lipstick. That’s still Charlotte’s task, she knows way more about it. The thing about makeup I’ll discuss is the experience.
My perception was wrong for a very long time. I would ask myself why you would spend a lot of money on products to ‘lose’ a lot of time in the morning, and to wipe it all off again in the evening.

This way-of-thinking is wrong in so many ways. In my opinion, everyone has these kinds of habits. You shouldn’t reduce these habits to its components. Supporting your favorite football team at a game is also more than just watching people kicking against a ball. Driving a supercar is more than getting from A to B. These things are so much more than just facts, they are experiences. Makeup also belongs to this group. The facts are indeed quite simple, the experience isn’t at all.

The application is for many people a way to feel better. Sounds strange, romantics will tell ‘everyone is beautiful the way they are’. That’s exactly what makeup is not about. It’s some kind of ritual that gives comfort to a lot of people out there.

Doesn’t it comfort you when you can go to the hair stylist? Who doesn’t enjoy a good shower in the afternoon even though you took one in the morning? These actions do not only feel good in the facts, but are also enjoyable as rituals.

Most people who use makeup, feel ‘more beautiful’ with it. I use these quotation marks because that is open for discussion. But, is that a reason to take away or judge their ritual? I don’t think so.


So, to all those people who are obsessed with Sephora and MAC and later on can enjoy to spend at least as much time in front of a mirror: I salute you with a lot of respect. Perserve your passion, it brings colour to a grey world.

To all the non-fans: stay open-minded, you’ll be amazed of the aspects and how interesting it can be. Maybe, you’ll also become a quiet admirer.


The gentleman

PS: If you have some suggestions for subjects, you can always mail them to me or reach out in the comment section.