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Hey beauties. It’s time for another style file. This time it’s not one of the liars, although this character has had her moments of betrayal and backstabbing too. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is my all-time favorite character from all series I have watched. She’s sweet, yet evil, innocent yet devilish. She’s that type of character you love to hate. But one of the things that I adored most about her, is her sense for fashion and style. Let’s take a look together at my favorite character.


Blair Waldorf blair waldorf style

“Season One Blair” is my favorite kind of Blair (which is probably the reason why I have watched this season over and over again). It’s the season in which we get to see her still in High School. Even though all the girls at Constance need to wear uniforms, Blair and her friends seem to be able to add their own touch to it. They always managed to look fashionable (although sometimes also ridiculous too, if you ask me) by adding their own twist to the outfit. You can use this as a source of inspiration when you need to wear a uniform as well, whether it being for school or for work. You can always try to vamp up your look with special tights, hair accessories or pretty jewelery.

Stylish Uniform

Blair Waldorf Style

blair waldorf style

If you’re not obligated to wear a uniform, you may just like this type of style, like I do. The ‘school outfit’ is classy, yet sexy, if you combine it well and don’t over-do it. If you wear a short skirt, make sure you’re not showing too much cleavage and vice versa (unless that’s what you like, then go for it girl!). Keep it balanced and make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. Knee-high socks are an easy way to show off some leg, without freezing to death this season. You could also wear regular tights and add these knee-sock on top, to make it extra warm and comfy.

Dress Up like Queen B

Blair Waldorf Style

A third option for this look is playing dress up. Honestly, when I wore this outfit on the streets of Antwerp, I felt like a mini-version of Blair Waldorf herself. It kind of felt like I was wearing a costume. This look could be perfect for a dress-up party. It’s an easy look, because pretty everything about it trending right now. Just make sure you’re not forgetting the most essential thing about this Blair look: the hairband! You can’t go without this accessory if you’re trying to look like Queen B.

Blair Waldorf Style

Adding Blair Waldorf in your style doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you own it, flaunt it. This Gucci Dionysus bag is honestly one of my most prized possessions and I baby it to death. Gucci has a new Artistic Director and it shows. I love pretty much everything in their new collection. This bag is from Sevens Gent, I recommend checking them out if you’re interested in buying one of your own.

The outfit itself wasn’t expensive at all:

Blair waldorf Gossip Girl Style

I had so much fun re-enacting one of my favorite characters, I might do it more often. Are you a Gossip Girl fan? Who was your favorite character?

Have a lovely day, (now you know why I added the Xoxo to my signature ?)

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