Hi babes! My favorite time of the year is approaching: The Holidays. Okay yes, I know… it may still be a bit too early to get excited about Christmas but it’s not too early to start looking around for gifts. I adore the Christmas period, but gift-shopping can be a tough challenge. Especially when you’re searching for a loved one or someone close to you. I listed my top 5 gift-shopping tips (keeping in mind that the person you’re shopping for, is difficult to find something for), so if you need to get a gift and you’re stuck, please do keep on reading!

These are tips ‘n tricks I’ve accumulated from my boyfriend. He’s a master in gift-shopping and has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Those of you who are close to me know how he amazed me this year with my birthday: he’s the reason I am blogging because he (together in a complot with my closest friends) got me my website! He gave me these very secret tips, so now all of you can achieve the same effect on your loved ones.


1. A Hobby Becomes a Passion

When you’re searching for a gift, a lot of times you’re thinking about the other person’s hobbies. “What are his/her hobbies?” This is a good starting point, but, these kinds of gifts tend to be impersonal. When your boyfriend plays soccer, you might think about buying him socks or a shirt of his favorite team. This can come in handy for him, but it might not make him that excited. (if it would, then by all means, buy the shirt!)

Because of this, it might be a better idea to look at this person’s passions, rather than simply his hobby. What is his/her dream? My passion was blogging. I was a beginner and I wasn’t very big or popular, but I loved doing it. My boyfriend saw this and made sure the blog was able to grow, by getting me my own url; my own little space on the web. If you really want to wow someone, the present shouldn’t only be functional, it should also show that you are supporting their goals and dreams.


2. Add a Subtle Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to your gift is an oldie, but a goodie, in terms of tips ‘n tricks. This is sometimes difficult because your grandma might be really pleased with a frame of you two, and your boyfriend might like it but not as much as your grannie.

For example; an iPhone case with a picture of you and your hubbie on the beach last year is really cute, but if he’s a very private person, he might not like to share that moment with the rest of the world. It might be safer to make the personal touch more subtle; for example engrave your names in the case (or in jewellery!). It’s subtle, yet you feel connected.

Also, trend alert! If you’re looking to get a piece of jewellery for your girl (or boy), engraved bangles are trending. You can get your initials engraved in them, or a cute saying. There are a lot of options out there but a company that does this is spellonme. If your loved-one adores cute jewellery, this might be a fun idea!


3. Get People Together!

This tip might be more suitable for birthdays than for the Holidays. Sometimes, you can work together with friends to buy someone a present. You can either do this in order to get more money so you can buy a bigger present, but you can also use a group of people to make the present even more personal.

A fun way to do this is by collecting personal notes from everyone for this person. A note that remembers their favorite memory together, of wishes them a personal happy birthday. Nothing makes a person feel more unique than a group of people working together to make the present even more unique and special.

4. Original Way of Giving/Wrapping

Everyone knows how regular presents are wrapped. You buy something, (often you prefer it being wrapped in the store itself, because that’s easier), and you leave it sitting there until you’re giving it to your loved one. This is easy and sure, it’s cheap, but it’s not super original. An original way of wrapping a gift would be putting a tiny gift (e.g. a piece of jewellery) in a box, wrapped in another, bigger box, and so on. Of course,only do this, when you know your spouse or family member will think this is funny.

If you have several tiny gifts, wrap them all separately and make your loved-one search for them. This makes it so much more exciting than just simply handing them over.

5. Be aware of hints

Sometimes it can be a real pain to find something for your loved-one. Not knowing what to buy sucks, which is why you need to pay attention during the year. Is your girlfriend a makeup addict? Yes, I know guys, this might not be the most interesting subject for you, but try to pay attention from time to time. Because it can give you awesome clues as to what she likes and wants.


Hopefully these 5 little tips helped out at least a tiny bit. Buying presents can be a pain, but when done correctly, are so much fun to give.

Love you all!