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Hi beauties. There’s a new trend in town and that means I just have to make a trendwatch-post about it. The past few months, models on the runway have been spotted in their pyjamas, for casual wear. And not only the models, also street-style bloggers, influencers, celebrities etc seem to have caught on to this sensual trend. This has become a rather controversial trend though, which is why I’d like to discuss it. As usual, grab a cup of coffee, and read along.

The worst trend ever?

lingerie trend

A few weeks ago, I saw a screaming header appear on my facebook feed: “Spotted: Worst Trend Ever.” Obviously, my attention was drawn immediately and I had to read it. The journalist of this newssite totally bashed one of my new favorite trends, which is why I want to defend it: Outerwear Underwear. Yep, you’ve heard me. It’s trendy to wear your lingerie, pyjamas etc. on top or instead of your casual clothing. Sound weird? It’s not as bad as you think.

lingerie trend outwear underwear

If you think about it, it isn’t that weird that wearing your pyjamas out has become trendy. Silky fabrics, lace detailing, metalics and shiny stuff has been fashionable for the past season so far. Also think about bralettes… What used to make me feel uncomfortable to watch (I mean… it has no support whatsoever, so it made me feel uncomfortable at first), now looks adorable. Designers and trend-obsessed stores like Zara and Stradivarius have caught on to this trend pretty quickly.


lingerie, outerwear underwear

outerwear underwear

The fun thing about this trend? You can make it as casual, as sexy or as festive as you prefer.

For a casual look: wear a t-shirt underneath. This was a trend in the 90s and it’s totally okay to do it again today. It makes it easier to wear sexy tops on a daily basis.

For a festive look: loose the t-shirt and add some nice heels. Perfect for the Holidays

I’m a person who’s always cold, so I really need warm sweaters during winter. A silky dress like this + a comfy cropped sweater = heaven. I’m still able to wear a dress, without freezing to death. See how the sweater and the black detailing down the dress are also matching? That’s a bonus!

underwear outerwear

So why would you hate on this trend?

The article did make a valid point: it said that real lingerie isn’t made to be worn out in public: it’s uncomfortable, it’s risky, it’s inappropriate… And I partly agree with this. In my opinion, you should wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable . The silky dress I am wearing in this article is from Stradivarius, which is not a lingerie-brand at all. Victoria’s Secret tried to come up with line in which they sold lingerie as outerwear… this did not go well as you can see in this video from Buzzfeed. The girl looks super uncomfortable during the whole vid.

If you see this, I get the heat that this trend has been getting. But hey, I love my lace-y, silky dress, and I think it’s definitely okay to wear in public. And that’s what matters. As long as you feel comfortable wearing something, you damn well should!

Lots of love,