Nyx lip cream

Hi lovelies. It’s been a while, I know, I’m sorry! I’ve been swamped with schoolwork and I’ve been sick. Although the workload hasn’t diminished, fortunately I’m healthy again and my fingers were itching to start writing again. I’ve been wanting to make a NYX review for a while now and seeing as the first Antwerp store opened earlier this week, this seemed about the right time to do it. Today, I reviewed the Soft Matte Lip Creams for you. Want to know what to think? Then keep on reading!

NYX soft matte lip cream

NYX has three stores now in Belgium, opening its fourth later this month in Brussels. But this week, it was (finally!) Antwerp’s turn and this made me one very happy girl. I owned two of these colors before the store opened here, but I bought them every time I was on vacation. Shopping at NYX will be a lot easier now, yay!

The four colors I’m reviewing for you today are:

  • 22 Morocco
  • 05 Antwerp
  • 08 San Paulo
  • 25 Budapest

22 Morocco

nyx matte lip cream

Nyx matte lip creamI think this is the brightest, flashiest color I own (and I own a lot of lipcolors). If you like reds, and you want to try something special, go for this one! It’s not yet orange, but it’s so bright-red that you almost need to wear sunglasses. No kidding. But seriously, this is a gorgeous color, even though it is kind of out of my comfort zone. I think this is the perfect color for spring and summer.

05 Antwerp


nyx matte lip cream

nyx matte lip cream

Antwerp (how appropriate) is a very bright pink. I usually do not wear these types of colors because I feel they don’t suit me or my skintone, but this one is okay. It’s a very wearable pink that I think a lot of people can pull off. And c’mon, if you’re from Antwerp like me, you just need to have this in your collection, right?

08 San Paulo

nyx matte lip cream nyx matte lip cream

San Paulo looks a lot like Antwerp on the pictures, and in real life they’re pretty similar as well. Antwerp is more bright though, whereas San Paulo is more toned down and more of a berry color. If you like a subtle hint of color on your face, San Paulo is perfect for you.

25 Budapest

nyx matte lip cream

This was the first Matte Lip Cream I ever owned from NYX and at first, I really hated it. It’s quite a dark color when you look at the bottle, but on my lips, it was about 10 shades lighter and very patchy. It needs layering. But then I started using this in combination with a lip pencil. This is a match made in heaven! I wore this to the NYX launch party a few days ago and this color survived the whole evening (and we ate cotton candy, so that’s saying something). This color is beautiful for fall!

Overall Opinion

Nyx matte lip cream

These are awesome. Though they are not completely matte, they are pretty close. There’s something about the texture that makes this worth it. On your lips, the Matte Lip Creams feel completely weightless… They kinda have the same feeling as chapstick. Your lips feel hydrated, which is not what you get at all with most matte liquid lipsticks. They last very long as well, even when after eating and drinking! I would recommend using a lip pencil though, as this prolongs the wear.

In short: Pro’s:

  • Super inexpensive compared to other quality brands(€7,20)
  • Longwearing
  • Very comfortable
  • Cute packaging


  • The color on the bottle tends to differ from the color that’s actually inside. Always swatch before you buy to avoid surprises
  • Dark colors may need some work, they apply a bit patchy at first (but you can layer them)


You can find the new NYX stores at Korte Gasthuisstraat 3 in Antwerp.

Let me know if you want me to review other NYX products as well. Also, keep an eye on my instagram page, there will be a NYX giveaway soon 😉

Have a lovely day!