shopping together

Shopping: a dream for a lot of you, a nightmare for just as many. Today I would like to discuss why there probably is a difference and what can possibly be a ‘solution’ for a problem many couples experience. We’ve all seen the movies where couples go shopping and they both look happy. I can find myself in this as I happily join Charlotte when she goes shopping. The happy-couple-shopping-experience isn’t an illusion, it really exists. Let me explain you how I learned enjoying it and with that, make your shopping experience together fun too.

Can you go shopping together?

If you  want to know the magic spell to get your partner to join you, I must disappoint you. There is no magic in this. Don’t worry, expensive therapy or an extensive manual won’t be necessary. However, I can hand you some tips to make it way more enjoyable for the both of you. Because, when you both enjoy your trip, you can transform the duty of buying new clothes or shoes to some great quality time together.

shopping together

For the happy shopper

To start off, think about what you’re shopping for. Take into account that a complete day of searching for one pair of shoes can be a bit boring when you’re the passive shopper. It can be frustrating to be unable to help searching since your other-half is looking for something very specific. This is a boring search.

General shopping trips will be way more interesting for the one of you who isn’t planning to buy something, rather than when you’re focussed on finding that one magical pair of shoes.

This brings me to my next trick: try to stay open-minded for suggestions. Don’t we all dream of a shopping-partner who can style us just the way we want it. This is possible, but you can’t learn someone’s style in one day. Finding/being able to suggest the right clothes for your other half might need some training. But if you’re the shopping-lover, keep in mind that there’s always the possibility of the other finding a genuine good piece of clothing, even when it’s not immediately your style. So don’t blow them off immediately and at least give it a chance, even if you don’t like what they picked out for you.

Bringing someone to a shopping trip can be very useful, they can bring you another size when one doesn’t fit, they can give their opinion, they can even function as bag-carrier… But make sure they don’t feel like a mule. For starters try using the tips above and the both of you will have a nicer time together.

For the not-so-happy shopper

The best advice I can give to someone who’ll do something he/she isn’t completely comfortable with, is to communicate. When you have had enough of shopping, just tell your partner. Staying around unhappy and/or grumpy isn’t fun for anyone. You might take a little break and continue where you left off.

When joining the hunt in-store, look around. You never know what was missed in the search for the right piece, so search for some other things and bring up suggestions. Finding the new favourite piece is always a possibility. You’ll be the hero for the day. Plus, time will go by faster if you do something useful rather than following your other half around like a lost puppy.

When you finally move to the fitting room, give your honest opinion, without being harsh or rude. Even when, in your opinion, that dress is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, try to bring it in softly. The honesty will be appreciated, just you wait and see. When honest, you’ll also look caring and that is what you want to show.

shopping together

For the both of you

It’s not easy to stay on your feet for a complete afternoon. From time to time, take a break to hydrate and give your feet a rest. You can make use of this time to check the bargains you’ve already scored. After re-energizing, you can continue for the rest of the day.

My last tip is to use common goals. Shopping together is the best when you both need something and there is some kind of connection between these needs. Isn’t there a party you need new outfits for?

With these tips in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy the next period of shopping a little bit more. Maybe you’ll be able to show that it is indeed just a myth.

And they shopped happily ever after.

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Big thank you to Louisette in Aartselaar for letting us borrow your store to take pictures. ??

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