l'oréal pure clay mask

Hi lovelies! Lately, I’ve really started to get into skincare and because of this, I wanted to start writing about it too.  I am no expert by all means, but I do like to do research and discover new things to make my skin look fresh and healthy. Today, I’ll be reviewing L’oréal’s new mask: the Pure Clay Mask. There are three variations on this mask and I got my hands on one of them: the purifying one, or easier said, the green one. Keep on reading if you want to know if this product is worth the hype or not.

I find reviewing skincare products to be much more difficult than makeup products. For one, my skin type may be very different than yours which means it’ll have a different effect on my skin than it might have on yours. But also, very often, the results aren’t visible right away. This gives the impression that a lot of products out there are phoney and make you spend money on ingredients that don’t do anything for your skin. However, a lot of products out there are doing something positive for your skin and one of those is the new Pure Mask Clay by L’Oréal.

The mask: Before, during, after

Beware, I’m going to show you my naked face. Shocker, I know.

As I am writing this, I have the mask on my face and I can feel it tightening. You know that feeling when you put a clay mask on and it’s like you’ve had a facelift (or at least, how I imagine a facelift would feel like)? This mask does that for you.  It’s definitely doing something while on your skin (apart from making you look like an alien), so that’s a good thing.

This mask consists out of mainly three ingredients: Kaolien Clay, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. I am no chemist so these ingredients are unknown to me. I can only comment on what this product promises to do and whether it does that for me or not:

  • Kaloien Clay is supposed to absorb tallow which works mattifying. It definitely does this. When you take off the mask, your skin feels very soft and matte. All shininess is gone. This is great for people with oily to normal skin. I wouldn’t use this mask if you have dry skin as it will further dry out your skin and can cause dry patches.
  • Montmorillonite is supposed to fight imperfections, aka acne. I feel it does this too! I’ve been trying out this mask for three weeks now and I’ve seen zits disappear, probably because this mask has a drying-out kind of effect.
  • Ghassoul is supposed to make your complexion look healthy and fresh. You can be the judge of this, do you think I look more fresh after compared to before? I feel fresh, but that’s probably because of the eucalyptus fragrance that’s in there.

How to apply

L'oreal pure clay mask

Little tip from me to you: I always apply my masks with an old foundation brush. It’s cleaner and easier than applying it with your fingers. This Morphe foundation brush is perfect. Don’t forget to clean it right away though, because the clay hardens, which can ruin your brush. Try to apply an even amount that’s not too thick. If it’s too thick, it won’t dry down well.

L'oréal pure clay mask

My final thoughts on this product?

Go get it: If you have normal to oily skin and you like to relax while putting on a mask. Especially when you’re suffering from breakouts because of stress (me ??), this mask might be the one for you.

Don’t get it: If you’ve got really dry skin. I feel like this would be awful on dry skin since it feels really drying afterwards, even for me and I have normal skin. They brought out three types, so I would probably choose another mask from the range.

You can get the Clay Masks in your local drugstore and they retail for €9,99 (you get 10 applications).

And don’t forget, if you like healthy skin, it’s important to drink a lot of water, sleep 8h a night, and all that shizzle. One mask won’t change your world if you don’t take care of yourself first. ?

As always, have a lovely day!