H i loves. Yassss, I’m finally back! After a hiatus that lasted waaayy too long, I’m back to the blogging scene and I’m more excited than ever before. Not blogging started to feel like I was missing a limb. Not so great huh. But I’m back at it and can’t wait for you to see all the things I have in store. To celebrate the fact that our exams were finally over, my boyfriend and I went on a mini citytrip to our neighbors: Rotterdam in the Netherlands. You don’t need to go to Paris, Milan or London to experience a great citytrip (although those cities are pretty damn fine as well), and we proved it by bumping into many amazing hotspots. I listed five of my favorites for you. If you’re planning on going to Rotterdam sometime soon, or you’re wondering whether Rotterdam is worth paying a visit, stay tuned and read my five favorite places we discovered during our stay.

1. A place to stay: Nhow Hotel

nhow hotel rotterdam, hotspot

Let me start by introducing our hotel. We found this treasure through browsing through Secret Escapes, a website that offers luxury hotels at exclusive prices. The Nhow Hotel in Rotterdam is a four star hotel which offers quality, awesome service with a hint of humor and lots of design (which also really fits Rotterdam as a whole). What’s nice about this hotel is the eye for detail. Discovering the hotel is a pleasure itself. For example: your room comes with your own Nespresso machine and artsy furniture, there’s a television hidden in the mirror, the breakfast is magical… The list goes on and on. We decided to upgrade our room and pay an extra €15 to get a room on the 20th floor with sights on the Erasmus bridge. Totally worth it.

the bar

nhow hotel rotterdam

The bar on the 7th floor. I recommend trying one of the many gin tonics when you’re there. The bartender is really nice and let’s you try out different kinds if you’re not familiar with them. Props to the staff for being kind and helpful throughout our complete trip.


nhow hotel rotterdam

This is part of the breakfast buffet. The breakfast is presented in a very fun way: donuts hanging from the ceiling, a vending machine offering you your daily dose of granola,… Even the toilet sign has a humorous twist to it. I didn’t want to put in too many pictures because I don’t want to take away from the fun of discovering the hotel, but I need to share this… I mean, how gorgeous is this room with the high-glass windows and slick black counters?

On Tripadvisor you can find 360° pictures of the complete hotel, rooms included, but for the real experience, you really need to pay a visit. They also have hotels in Berlin and Milan, if you’re interested.

You can find Nhow Hotel at Wilhelminakade 137.

2. A place to eat lunch: Beans & Bagels

beans & bagels rotterdam, hotspots in rotterdam

We ate our first lunch at Beans & Bagels, which is very close to the central station. I’m usually not a big fan of bagels, but these were super yummy. I wish I could go back right now to be honest. You can also come here for a salad, a cup of coffee or to work on your thesis (as I saw many people working on their computers there) while sipping from your tea.  The service was nice and fast and the food was yummy and inexpensive (My Bagel with hummus, rucola and sun-dried tomatoes was only €3,95!). Great for a quick lunch, I’d say.

You can find Beand and Bagels at Schouwburgplein 80 in Rotterdam, which is a 10 minute walk from the central station.

3. A place to shop: Most Wanted NL

hotspots rotterdam

While on the search for the Rotterdam Museum, we bumped into this cute little store. Most Wanted NL is a pretty popular clothing store for all fashionistas. Not going to Rotterdam? You can visit their online webshop and check out their awesome goodies. But if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, the store is opened every single day:

Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm,
Friday: 10am-9pm,
Saturday: 12pm-6pm uur,
Sunday: 12pm-5pm.

So make sure to drop by if you like cute clothing at an affordable price. I got me some amazing Quay sunnies, which you can see in the picture on the next hotspot. Score!!

You can find Most Wanted NL at Oppert 290 in Rotterdam.

4. A place to unwind: Thoms Underground Bar

After skulking around for hours, going from shop to shop, we got a little tired and bumped into this cool place. Thoms is the perfect all-in-one type of bar. You can go there to rest your feet for a while and grab a cup of coffee (like we did), or you go there to meet with friends and eat a delicious lunch or dinner. Bonus points for the very pretty marble tables (I’m looking at you, instabloggers ?).

You can visit Thoms at Meent 131-129 in Rotterdam.

5. A place for all foodies: Markthal

When you walk through Rotterdam, the first thing you notice is the amazing architecture. I like to compare the city to a mini-version of New York: Sky-high buildings, amazing art everywhere you look, tons of people heading in different directions… It’s fun. When we saw this building, we were immediately intrigued. This is the Markthal, which is comparable to a Spanish type of Mercado. You go there to buy your fresh food for the day or grab something to eat. There are all types of little restaurants (for example Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant), but also little stands where you can buy Churros, Donuts or a smoothie on the go.  Even if you don’t feel like eating, you should definitely visit, because the colorful high ceilings will leave you in awe. Definitely worth a visit, but especially if you’re a real foodie.

You can find the Markthal at Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298 in Rotterdam city.

Still not convinced? Well, you’re missing out. Rotterdam is the perfect city if you want to get away for a short while, without spending too much money. We splurged on the hotel, but we got it through Secret Escapes, which offered a room at a very nice price. If you look around, you’ll find food at a very reasonable price and we chose to get a two-day subscription for the metro, which got us everywhere in minutes.

If you ever decided to go, make sure to let me know what you thought! I hope your trip is as awesome as ours was.

As always,

Have a nice day and I hope you visit my favorite hotspots if you ever visit Rotterdam,