spring trends

H i babes. Those of you who follow me on Instagram, have probably seen I’ve been obsessing over one dress the past few weeks. Any type of special event I had, whether it being a blogger-event, a team dinner or a date with my boyfriend, I was wearing this pretty dress. The sun is back and so are the dresses with matching florals. This week I’m showing you my favorite outfit for Spring and the trends that it shows off.

spring trendsspring trends

Like I said, if you follow me on Instagram, you must be bored of this dress already. Although, I’ve been wearing it almost every day (and yes, I’ve washed it in between days, no worries) and I’m still not tired of it. This dress is the perfect dress for the transition of Winter into Spring, because it’s loose and wooshy, but it still has long sleeves, so you won’t freeze to death. When paired with a long, classy coat, it’s perfect for those colder days, which we unfortunately still have to go through. But when I was shooting this, the sun was out and about and I didn’t really have to wear it.


spring trend


Okay, I’ll admit… Florals are not the most thrilling type of trend for Spring. When you think about it, florals are trending every year because they automatically remind you of Spring. But this year, we see florals in all shapes, sizes and colors. Big ones, small ones, subtle ones and colorful ones. I prefer the big flowers, because small flowers tend to look older on me. Want to look trendy this spring? Get yourself some flowery prints.

spring trends

spring trends

You can pair up this dress with you thights as well to make it a little more warm.

Also, if you have an hourglass shape (Like me) or cello shape, this A-line dress is perfect for you. Go for a fitting top and a loose bottom. It’ll make your hips look slimmer. Gotta love optical illusions in fashion.

spring trends

I got this dress from Shein, which is a huge clothing company from New Jersey. I really liked working together with them. They let me pick out a dress and it arrived super fast. The customer service is nice and the actually quality of this dress is amazing. I went out with my girlsfriends the other night and I wore this dress. When I came home, it had an awful smell of cigarettes. I washed it by hand and hung it on a peg and it dried in just a few hours. Easy as that. No ironing needed (so you can imagine, my mom was happy too).

Details Spring trends

As for the details of this dress, from left to right:

Bracelet: H&M (€6,95), Big ring: Mahny Jewelry (€6,90), Knot ring: H&M, Bracelet: Victoria Jewelry, Watch: Cluse (€99,95), Bracelet: Aldo

As always, have a nice day!


PS: Make sure you visit Shein sometime if you like my dress. I know I will in the future.
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