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H i babes. It’s been a while since I reviewed some  beauty products on my blog but that doesn’t mean I have been sitting still. Catrice, one of my all time favorite budget brands, rebrands some of their products twice a year. About a month ago, they added lots of new products to their collection and I got my hands on a few of them. I tested and reviewed them for you, so let’s have a look together.

1.  Eyeshadow Palette: The Nude Blossom

Catrice Catrice catrice blossom

The first product I tried out is this eyeshadow palette. In the past, Catrice eyeshadows have been pretty awesome. Especially the singles. Regardless, I don’t like buying singles, as I think palettes are often more valuable and useful. Catrice added a few new palettes to their line and this is one of them: The Nude Blossom. If I’l not mistaken, this is also a limited edition version so hurry if you want this one! (the other colors are not limited edition)

I must say, I have a love-hate relationship with this palette. The colors are pretty pigmented when applied with your finger, but less when applied with a brush. They’re pretty chalky, which is not that big of a deal for me, but that causes some fallout. I find that this palettes is best used with your fingers… If you try to make a look with brushes, all the colors blend together to one muddy mess. However, I did like my makeup once I got it right, and it stayed on all day. It’s €5 for 9 colors of eyeshadow, so I think you do get your money’s worth.

This palette sells for €4,99 at Kruidvat.

My rating: 7/10

2. Liquid Luminizer – Strobin Pen


Strobing is in. For those of you who don’t know what strobing is: it’s an easy way to make the highpoints of your face stand out: the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow. A few years ago, Kim Kardashian started this trend and it seems like it’s here to stay. Strobing can give you that sun-kissed glowy skin which is very pretty. These two new pens seem to do a very pretty, yet natural job.

They’re easy to apply and have okay staying power. Okay, but not great. That’s because they’re a creamy substance. If you apply some highlight powder on top, they stay on beautifully throughout the day. If you don’t, the glow disappears after a few hours.

010 Sleeping Beauty’s Rose

020 Ready for Champagne

I would recommend Sleeping Beauty’s Rose for people with very fair skin, and Ready for Champagne could work on light as well as deeper skintones.

These strobing pens sell for €3,99 at Kruidvat.

My rating: 7.5/10

3. 24h Made to Stay Makeup – Foundation


Catrice also came out with a new foundation, yay! I must say, it’s not bad! I’ve been spoiled the past few months because my mom got me the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, which is awesome, but pricy. Unfortunately, I was running out so I went looking for a new foundation, and I wanted an affordable one.

This foundation is very matte, stays on very well (except for some reason not on my nose) and looks flawless. Honestly, for €6,99, this foundation is great (especially compared to my YSL foundation which does the same job, but costs about 7 times as much). Also, it’s not too dark! I have pretty light skin and “cheaper” foundations tend to look too dark or yellow on my skin but this matches perfectly! (For reference:I have color 005 Ivory Beige).

One thing I don’t like about the foundation is that it blends less easily than my YSL foundation. You really need to put in some work to get it to look even and completely flawless. But once you get there, your skin will look beautiful throughout the day.

This foundation retails for €6,99 at Kruidvat.

My rating: 8/10




And of course, I have to show you my finished look with these products.

Catrice came out with more products than just these three products, but hey, I am paying for these myself so bear with me. I really love these three products, but if there’s anything else of their new (or old) products you’d like me to test out for you, let me know in the comments!


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