Flowery Embroideries

Goodmorning! Spring is on its way and with that, a wave of new trends are popping up too. One of my favorite things I’ve seen in stores lately is the huge amount of flowers, birds, butterflies and greenery embroidered on clothing. Whether it’s patches, pins or actual stitches, flowery prints always make me happy. I got my hands on this pretty blouse, so let’s have a look at it together.

flowery embroideries Flowery embroidery

A while ago, a webshop called Romwe contacted me to work out a collaboration. I got to choose one of their items and I went with this pretty blouse. It immediately drew my attention. To be honest… Anything with pretty flowers or birds draws my attention, so the decision was easy. These Gucci-inspired embroideries have been around for a few months now and I feel like this trend is going to explode during spring and summer. Can’t wait for that to happen!

Grandma style or trendy?

Flowery embroidery

It might be just me, but I’ve been noticing a consistency in all of these new trends and it’s shockingly appealing: The Grandma style. Seriously, embroidered roses, grandpa loafers, oversized brown blazers… They’re all things my grandma would love. Yet, you see older trendy people wearing skinny jeans while younger, trendy people wear these granny loafers. The fashion-world is upside down and I love it. It’s something different and a way to express yourself in an original way. The question isn’t Grandma-style or Trendy? But rather Grandmastyle is trendy. Go grandma!


Flowery Embroideries

I’m not going to lie, at first, I was apprehensive about working together with Romwe. Online, I had found a lot of positive as well as negative reviews and I wasn’t sure this would work out. I also don’t want to trick my readers into buying stuff just because I got a free goodie. So because of this, I will also share my honest experience and opinion.

The blouse arrived in great condition, it was properly wrapped and was clearly new. It also looked exactly like the picture on the website (as I read some reviews from people claiming they got clothing that didn’t look like the picture). I also read about people having trouble with sizing but I did not experience this. This blouse is very oversized so naturally, it fits. I read about people saying that the sizes were super small, but I did not experience that either.

The only actual drawback that I experienced was the shipping time. Considering this is a Chinese company, it’s only fair that shipping takes some time. It took about a month to get here, which is a long time but okay if you’re informed about this. So don’t order there if you need a prom dress last-minute. If you’re okay with waiting a little while, I’d say go for it!

I will put a link to Romwe’s website down this post so you can check it out for yourselves. You can find this specific blouse here.

Other Details


As for the other details of my look, can you tell I’m totally obsessed with these loafers? It’s another Gucci-inspired trend. They’re so comfy! I got these from Clouds of Fashion for only €30, quite a bargain if you ask me. And yes, I fell for the fishnet-stocking trend. You may hate it or love it but I kinda adore it (plus, believe it or not, it keeps my legs warm so that’s a bonus!).

So what do you think? Are you ready for grandma style or not? I know I am ?

As always, have a lovely day,

 PS: here is a little link if you’d like to visit ROMWE’s website.
Romwe Casual-Dress