H ello babes. It’s been a while since I uploaded anything on the blog, for which I apologise. Sometimes, you need to take care of your life, your friends and yourself first and that’s what I’ve been doing. Finals are coming up which means I won’t be uploading regularly as I used to, but I promise to make up for it. For this week, I just couldn’t wait any longer; I really wanted to share my favorite outfit of the moment which contains a lot of black, a lot of white and a tiny pop of color. Curious? Let’s read together.

The Most Comfy Trend Ever

fashion blogger, black and white, styleWhen I say favorite, I really mean favorite. I’ve been wearing these pants for 5 days straight (no worries, I cleaned them in between). They’re just soooooooo comfy, it’s incredible. Flared pants, Palazzo pants, Trainers.. The Skinny Jeans is out (kind of) and all the comfy-type of pants are in; a dream come true for a girl like me. This might sound strange, but I love the feeling of being able to wear pyjama pants all day long. Perfect for studying too; you can sit comfortably, while still looking fashionable. Yassss.

Black & White

duochrome style pop of color, black and white style, duochrome fashion


I know summer is coming, which means I will want to wear a colorful palette again in my clothing soon. But for now, my comfort zone consists of mainly black and white. This type of style is timeless, classy and you simply can never go wrong with them. It’s pretty much impossible to mess up an outfit if you work with two subtle colors. Bonus: you can wear this outfit for a myriad of occasions. I’ve worn this while studying in the library, but also during a garden party. The options are endless.

Ps: for those of you who are wondering what my t-shirt is saying: “Fashion is a Must-Have”. I kinda live by this saying, so finding it on a t-shirt was a match made in heaven. (€5,95 at Zara, I’d go get it if I were you).

A Pop of Color?
komono sunglasses, phoenix, pop of color

Sure, black & white is my comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to change it up a bit with a pop of color. When wearing a duochromo colored outfit, adding a pop of color is super easy! For example black, white and red are super classy! I added a red lip, which complements the color of these glasses perfectly and makes it look even better.

Last week, I went to a Komono event to celebrate their new flagship store in Antwerp! I loved their new collection, but these red 80s vibe sunglasses immediately drew my attention. I tried them on and fell in love straight away. During the event, I didn’t buy them, because they’re pretty out there  for me, but when I came home I regretted not getting them and ordered them online. You can find them here and they’re only €49,95. Pretty good pricing if you ask me.

You can visit the new Komono store at Kloosterstraat 84 in Antwerp (close to the Groenplaats).

What do you think of my favorite outfit of the moment? Are you also a black & white lover, or do you prefer to go all out when it comes to colors? Let me know!


Jacket & t-shirt: Zara – Palazzo pants: Bershka – Bag: H&M – Shoes: SixtySeven – Sunglasses: Komono

As always, have a lovely day