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H i babes. Exams are here, which means I have the perfect opportunity again to try out new products. Trying out makeup eases my stress-levels so it’s a win-win situation, right? Essence Cosmetics turns 15 this year, and what better way  to celebrate its birthday than with a bit of new makeup? Recently, they came out with customizable eyeshadow/blush/highlight/contour palettes, to which they added a few limited edition colors for their birthday. I got my hands on some of them and put them to the test.

Birthday Edition

essence Essence is one of those brands I used to avoid because I thought they were for children. Pretty ignorant, because recently, I’ve been trying out some of their stuff and I’ve been loving pretty much everything. Either they made an incredible upgrade, or I’ve been blind in the past. A while ago they came out with customizable palettes; something other brands like Mac and NYX have been doing for ages. Only difference, these colors are suuuuper afforadble: only €1,59 per color. Compared to MAC’s steep €18, I think that’s a good deal.

The colors and palette I got belong to the new limited edition, which they brought out to celebrate their 15th birthday. The price point is the same as their normal eyeshadows, so thanks Essence!


essence my musthaves


The colors I got from left to right:

  • 05 T.G.I.F
  • 06 Celebrate Good Times
  • 04 It’s My Birthday
  • 13 Snowflake (which isn’t part of the birthday collection, but of their main collection)

catrice my musthaves eyeshadow

On the first picture you see normal swatches; on the second picture, the first row are applied wet, the second row dry (the same as the first picture).

  • 05 T.G.I.F (taupe color): Such a perfect crease color. Blends perfectly and feels smooth to the touch. Definitely a musthave (see what I did there? ?) in every palette.
  • 06 Celebrate Good Times (purple duochrome): Applied dry, I wasn’t very impressed with this color. Purples are almost always hard to apply because of the pigment that’s difficult to manufacture. When I tried this color with a wet brush BAM… The color popped! It could’ve been one of Urban Decay’s Duochromes (which are Ah-maaaazing, but oh so expensive). It’s the perfect party color!
  • 04 It’s My Birthday: The only color that disappointed me. In the packaging, it looked like a very sparkly silver, but the glitters turned out to be an overspray. This is what I mean with children’s makeup… Oversprays (where you only have one layer of glittery madness, and the rest is just plain grey color) happen a lot with makeup for children, but not for grown-up makeup… Please.
  • 13 Snowflake: A very nice highlighter. I thought this color would be matte, but it’s super shimmery, keep that in mind!

Overall, these eyeshadows left quite a good impression on me, considering they’re only €1,59 a piece. There’s a bit of fall-out but they feel really smooth to the touch, which makes up for that.  I rate them 8/10 if you keep price-quality in mind.

The Look

Essence my musthaves eyeshadow

This is the look I created with the palette. I blended T.G.I.F. in the crease, added Celebrate Good Times (purple) with a wet flat brush on the moving eyelid with a pop of It’s my Birthday (silver) in the middle. And to finish it off, a pop of highlight in my inner corners with Snowflake (white).

Other products used:


Are you a fan of the Essence products? Which one is your fave?

As always, hope you have a lovely day!