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A nother week, another review. I was shopping this week (because yay, sales!) and I found this concealer from Benefit for 50% off. Seeing as I was in need of a new under-the-eye concealer, I got it and thought I could just as well review it for you guys.

In the past, Benefit has been very hit or miss for me. Either I fell in love completely with the product, or I hated it and didn’t think it was worth the money. Let’s face it, Benefit knows how to lure you in with its pretty packaging and appealing, innovative products, but not all of these have been a great success (think about the duo-colored eyeshadows they brought out last season).

The Fake Up Concealer has been in the collection for quite a while now but I never bothered buying it, because €27,50 for a concealer is pretty steep. 50% off made me finally fall for it. Why is it on sale? Benefit has changed the packaging and the name of this product! Soon you’ll only be able to find the “Boi-ing” version, but the formula remains exactly the same.

Benefit Boi-ing

The Review

benefit boi-ing

Benefit Fake UpSo yes, I have the old packaging, but the product is still the same, for which this review still seems useful to me :).

The Benefit Fake Up Concealer is a lightweight, sheer cover stick, which is great for getting rid of dark circles, but doesn’t do the job of concealing red spots. If you suffer from a lot of acne in your face, this is not the type of concealer that’ll help you.

Want to look fresh and awake in the morning in just a few moments? Check!

Goodbye Undereyes!

This concealer is special because it contains skincare ingredients, such as Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract, which will give you that “fresh ‘n awake” look, even if you’ve had only few hours of sleep. This is why the stick is white in stead of skin-colored on the outside. Pretty special. Something that threw me off at first was its shiny finish. Because of these ingredients, the concealer is not matte. If you have very oily skin, this concealer might not be something for you. However, a bit of compact- or banana powder on top will do the trick.

The product promises 6 hours of dark circle-free undereyes and I must agree: the concealer stays put pretty well if you use some powder.


benefit fake up

However, I do think Benefit could’ve spend a bit more time on creating more colors, in stead of  only changing the packaging. There are only three colors, which is not enough in my opinion. Color 3, which is the deepest tone, wouldn’t work on you if you have a very deep skincolor. Same goes for light skin colors. If you like to highlight underneath your eyes, this concealer is probably too dark.


benefit fake up


This is what the product looks like on. It’s not bad, but if you have a lighter skintone than I have, the color won’t show up and it won’t lighten up your under eyes. The blending goes very easy though: just a few  seconds are needed.

In Short

boing concealer benefit

Are you looking for that perfect under-eye concealer to hide your daily tiredness? Do you like pretty packaging and easy to use products? And don’t you mind paying a little bit more for your makeup? This product is for you!

Nevertheless, I’m convinced there are cheaper dupes to this product that’ll do the trick just as well. These obviously won’t contain the special ingredients, but they’ll hide your circles just as well (I’m thinking about the Age Rewind Concealer from Maybeline)


You can find the Fake Up Concealer with 50% off at Galeria Inno, but hurry up because soon you’ll only find the new packaging without the discount.

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