Hi babes. It’s been a while since I reviewed something, as this takes time, but I have a new one prepared for you. And it’s a good one. Being a hairdresser’s daughter, I’ve always been fascinated by hair. For me, my day is good when my hair (and makeup, let’s be honest) are on point. But unfortunately, my hair tends to be dry and lifeless a lot of the time. Are you also suffering from the same problem? Oh, and do you like nature and would you like to perserve it better? Then keep on reading, because I’ve got a solution! I’m also giving away 15 (!) bottles of shampoo & conditioner to my readers and followers, so make sure you read till the end if you like the product and you would like to get a chance at winning!

Biolage R.A.W.As you could read from my intro, this is going to be quite a positive review. As much as I like my hair to be perfect, I never really tend to pay much attention to my shampoo. I always use whatever my dad brings home from work (hehe). But then I got these two products in the mail…

At first, I was sceptic, because natural products aren’t usually my thing… I mean… Does that really work? Though, other major brands such as Lush, have proves that natural ingredients may be even better, than the chemical substances you find in most cosmetic- and hair products these days.


Biolage R.A.W.So what is so special about this product? The ingredients are almost completely natural. The shampoo is 71% natural and the conditioner (!) 97%. Making natural products is quite a hard job to do, because they are difficult to perserve. Biolage did a very good job because these products are amazing (more on that later), and almost completely given to us by mother nature. This also means that they do not contain sulphites, silicones, parabenes or artificial colorants.

What does R.A.W. stand for then? Real. Authentic. and Wholesome. which is what these products definitely are. With the slogan feel good, look good, do good they also capture their essence perfectly.


R.A.W. biolage

Why do I think these products are worth your money?

  • 96% of consumers find that Biolage R.A.W. makes their hair softer and shinier. Most of the time I don’t really agree with these kinds of statements, but for the first time, I actually do. My hair has never been so soft after washing it, without it looking flat!  The fact that it makes my hair soft, does not make it look dull, it actually gives volume a little bit, which is such a perfect combo!
  • These products only contain 14 ingredients, which in the hair-industry is a miracle. The lesser the ingredients, the better, so you go Biolage!
  • The products, with the conditioner especially, are made out of almost solely natural ingredients. The conditioner I used is 97% natural and 99% biodestructable. It’s not only good for your hair, it’s also good for our planet, which is more important than most of us like to think.
  • Even the flasks are recycled from older products, and can be recycled again after its use.
  • The smell! Oh my god. You know that typical hairdresser’s smell? Yep, you guessed it, these products are soooo yummy when talking about smell. The shampoo smells fresh and summer-like, while the conditioner smells like coconut.



  • Biolage is a bit up there in price, because they’re just a bit more than just ‘drugstore’ shampoos. You won’t find the shampoo in your local drugstore, but rather at your hairdressers or more professional stores like here. The shampoo retails for €19,54, the conditioner for €24,58.
  • Because these products are not drugstore, they may be harder to come by than your regular shampoo. But I promise it’s worth the search!

R.A.W. biolageThis was my hair after it had been treated with the R.A.W. nourishing shampoo, conditioner and an additional clay mask at Clientology in Antwerp. I went to a party that night, and even though my curls didn’t stay (but that’s more my own hair’s doing rather than the products), my hair looked flawless and felt soft all night long.

This product is something for you if you’re sick of split and dry ends, flat-looking hair, but if you don’t want to spend tons and tons of money (as there are more expensive options too, who’d just do the same thing for your hair, but might not be as good for nature as Biolage R.A.W.) .


Yes, that’s right, you can win these awesome products and test them out for yourselves!

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As always, have a nice days sweeties!