Naked Heat Palette


I t’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes. When the creators of this palette got together and came up with the concept for a new Naked palette, they must’ve been inspired by this song. The Urban Decay Naked palettes are a real hype and when they didn’t stop at two palettes, three palettes, a smokey palette and the (Ultimate) basics, it was time for a warm-toned palette. I got my hands on it early (thanks to my amazing boyfriend) and have been playing around with it for a few weeks now. Curious whether this palette is worth the hype (and the steep price point?). Read my thoughts below!

urban decay naked heatHonestly, how pretty is this palette? When I first saw the ad on Urban Decay’s Instagram page, I literally screamed. Not even kidding. I know, copper-y tints have been around for a while now and this is nothing new but still, I loooooove UD eyeshadows and these colors just screamed my name. Let’s zoom in!

Swatches and Review

Urban Decay Naked Heat As you can see, I already ruined “Ember” with my nail. Who else knows the struggle of long nails and eyeshadow? ??Urban Decay Naked Heat SwatchesI like the colors they chose for this palette. At first glance, they may all look very similar, but as I’ve been playing with them I noticed you can create many versatile looks with them: from neutral to real heavy. Ounce is a nice highlight color (which also works perfectly on the whole lid as a shimmery base).

Chaser, Sauced and Low Blow are all pretty crease colors that work on different skin tones. Out of the shimmers I love Lumbre the most: It has this iridescent shift to it, which is so stunning! Sometimes it’s red, sometimes it’s gold. The pictures don’t do justice to this color.

Dirty Talk and Scorched let me down a bit. Don’t get me wrong, these colors are stu-nning on the moving eyelid (especially if folded), but they look basically the same on the eye. I think they should’ve picked two colors that were less similar.

The mattes in this palette: He DevilCayenneEn Fuego, and Ashes are all awesome: feel creamy, blend easily… En Fuego didn’t really swatch very well, but on the eye, it looks stunning. I love using it on the lower lashline to give it that vampy look. Lastly,

Ember is a nice color to darken the outer V.

There have been several pictures of swatches going around the internet, which are not all that great. Including mine. I mean, the colors don’t look bad, but they also don’t look great for a €55,20 palette. However, I do love it when it’s on the eyes though. It doesn’t mean that when the swatches aren’t great, the palette isn’t great either. The skin on your arms is also very different from the skin on your eyelids.

My advice? Buy this palette if you’re a fan of the UD eyeshadows, you love these types of colors and you like the Naked Palettes in general. If this is your first UD Naked palette, I recommend getting Naked One or Naked Two. Can you find these colors cheaper and just as good? Probably. But I think this is a very nice collector’s item.

Looking for a great dupe? Look no further: the Morphe 35OS palette is amazing as well, is cheaper and has more colors. Of course, the packaging is not as stunning as UD’s and the quality is a little less amazing. Nevertheless, this is a great palette as well!

Staying Power?

urban decay naked heat

A while back I got this message from a follower, saying these colors just disappeared on her eyes. They didn’t last a few hours. On my eyes, they stay all day, and I don’t use primer… What I like to do is:

  1. Put on my foundation first, including putting it on the eyelids
  2. Grab a neutral white, yellow or skin-tone color on my brush and pat it on the complete eyelid
  3. Then I’ll start packing on the colors of this palette
  4. When the complete look is finished, I’ll go over it with some finishing spray (Lately, I’ve been loving the Beauty Elixir one from Caudalie)

If you skip steps 1 and 2, or you don’t use primer, your makeup will always shift. I’ve noticed step 4, spraying fixing spray, is also a real lifesaver. Don’t skip these! Your eyes move all day long, it’s only logic that makeup tends to shift.

In short:

  • You can find this palette online and in Ici Paris XL 
  • On UD’s Website it’s €55,20, at Ici Paris XL you’ll pay €54,90
  • This means the prices of the Naked palettes have gone up; Probably because the packaging looks more expensive now.
  • This product’s main ingredient is Mica, which is known for being a very good, more expensive ingredient in eyeshadows. This also explains why UD eyeshadows are as expensive as they are.
  • Do I think you should buy it? Yes, if you like the colors and you’re a fan of UD. No, if you’re someone who is just starting out, trying to learn the basics and a little afraid of colors that aren’t exactly “naked”. There are plenty of cheaper dupes if you want to play around with these colors but don’t want to spurge on colors you might not love.

Will you be buying this palette?

As always,

have a lovely day!