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H ello beautiful! The weather is changing rapidly here in Belgium, help! Even though I like Fall and I’m excited to see the new trends, I am not quite ready to let go of Summer. This is why I try to keep on wearing dresses as long as possible. I’m always cold though, anyone else know the problem? Let me show you my new favorite dress I got from Romwe and a few trendy ways to style it, without freezing your legs off.

The Wrap Dress

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I have been looking for the perfect wrap dress all summer long and I simply couldn’t find it. Whenever I saw a dress I liked it was either too expensive or it didn’t fit me right. Then, I found this pretty little thing on Romwe, but unfortunately, the end of summer is nearing fast. The fun thing about this dress is that you can wear it during summer, as well as during fall!

romwe dress Because it has long sleeves, you won’t feel cold. And since it’s black and white (in stead of a summer-y pink or blue), you could perfectly wear some panties in order to stay warm. On the inside I was kind of dying of the cold here, but I think this dress looks best with bare legs and a pair of cool rock-chic boots. Everything for fashion, right? You could add a pair of fishnet stockings to give it that extra edge if you’re up for it!

Cute vs. Rock

romwe dressI don’t know why but I have been going through a rock-phase. People who know me, know I normally adore cute embroideries, lace, silk…. everything cute and feminine. Rock is the complete opposite. But if you combine the two, you get a super interesting type of style! The dress itself is super feminine and cute, but paired with a leather jacket, some badass sunglasses and rock boots, you get a completely different look. Playing with different styles is my favorite thing to do and it’s also totally hot next season!

By the way, checkered prints are super trendy! As a black & white lover myself, I couldn’t be happier with this trend. I selected a few styles like this one if you’re as obsessed with this print as I am. I think I might get these items as well, oops!:


  1. Blouse
  2. Midi Skirt
  3. Mini Skirt
  4. Dress with Bowties
  5. Dress with Exaggerated Sleeves
  6. Pants

What do you think of checkered prints? Are you a fan? Let me know!

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Have a lovely day!

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