H ello lovely babes. Two posts in one week? Yes, I am on a roll! But not only that, I simply couldn’t wait to share the news that I’m nominated Best Blogger of the Year by Hunkemöller, in the category Lingerie. What better way than to share with you my favorite set of lingerie of this season?

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Anyone who knows me closely, knows I have an obsession with bralettes. My very first blogpost on the blog even featured one. It’s almost been two years since that post, and yet, my love for bralettes has not diminished in the least. For me, they’re comfy, easy to wear and they have this liberating feel about them.

Meet Clara


Looking at Hunkemöllers newest collection, I immediately fell in love with Clara, which is the name of this bra. It’s a perfect example of a bralett’s simplicity, yet the different textures and the lace-up pattern on the front make for a very interesting combination. It may look like a complicated bra to wear, but honestly, it’s one of the most comfortable and secure ones I own.

The bottoms

Clara itself came with very beautiful, high waisted bottoms. But as beautiful as they are, I really prefer simplicity in my looks. I think the bra itself is already so beautiful on its own, it doesn’t need special bottoms too. This is the fun thing about Hunkemöller. You’re not required to buy the whole set. They offer so many alternatives, which is why I went with a plain, Brazilian style. (My favorite style by the way)


On the picture, the colors might look slightly different, but this is not visible in real life. (At least, I didn’t notice it until I saw it on the picture.)

the back



Clara has a very beautiful back too. The halter closes around your neck and is easy to open and close yourself. Who doesn’t love a beautiful open back?

Lace Kimono

hunkemoller hunkemoller

As I was shopping and walking to the counter… I bumped into this pretty komono. What can I say? I was sold. Every girl needs a beautiful silk ‘n lace gown to strut around her big palace (or in my case… my dorm room). The lace details on this gown really make me feel like a Spanish queen. I would even wear this with a pair of jeans and a casual white tee; who says you can’t break the rules from time to time? Wearing your lingerie visibly on the outside is one of the biggest trends this year, and I think this is the perfect piece to show off.


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