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H ello Babes. This week, I have an unusual post prepared for you. As you can usually find posts about fashion and beauty on my website, I sometimes like to change it up a little and add a bit of lifestyle. There are a lot of other things that also spark my interest and one of them is cars! Yep, you heard that right. I really like cars. I’m by no means an expert (like… at all, haha), but I can appreciate nice design and the feeling of being behind the steering wheel. When Smart asked me to test drive one of their new electric cars (The Smart ForTwo Cabrio), how could I possibly refuse? So come along for the ride and let me share with you my experience with this cutie, yet cool car.

The features: Automatic

Smart ForTwo

I want to start off by saying that this car is the absolute dream to drive with. Having never owned my own car, and being used to driving stick, this automatic electric beauty is the easiest car ever. You basically only need to steer and brake. I have always been a fan of driving stick, but this car definitely changed my mind. Being stuck in traffic, starting on a hill, manoeuvring in small spaces… this car makes it all soooo easy. I don’t want anything else anymore. By the way, it’s a known fact that automatic cars tend to pull up rather… slow. But honestly, this Smart beat all the other cars whenever I left a stoplight. He pulls up real fast, which is kinda nice, since people don’t expect that from such a little car ? Bye suckers!!

Other features

Smart ForTwoSmart ForTwo

This baby came with a lot of features. I don’t even know where to start. I’m sure Smart wanted me to be able to test all of them out but I’m not sure I even got to testing out everything. There are options for seat- and steering wheel heating (for which my poor cold hands were veryyy thankful), a camera in the back as well as in the front, leather interior, a matte finish on the outside, not to mention the open roof.


Smart ForTwo Smart ForTwo

Even though this may look like a tiny car on the outside, you really don’t get that impression when you’re sitting on the inside.  There is more than enough legspace and I had no troubles fitting my stuff in there either. Of course, this is not a family car… The trunk space is limited, especially if you’re bringing along the cables to load the battery, which is absolutely vital. But for two people, this car is big enough if you ask me. I was able to move back and fro to my dorm, and believe me…being the fashionista that I am, I have a lot of laundry!

Electric Drive

Smart Electric Drive Smart Electric Drive

Okay, so with this, I had some troubles. Don’t get me wrong, the car itself is amazing. It drives smoothly, doesn’t make any noise (which can be kind of dangerous for pedestrians), and is easy to handle. I was told I would be able to drive about 160km with loaded batteries, but this dropped to about 110km when using the car’s electronics and heating etc. When I hit the highway, it got kinda scary. Not because of the tininess of the car – I actually felt quite safe-  but because the battery went down very fast. This is not a car made for long distances. You can got from Brussels to Antwerp (which is roughly 55km), but you won’t be able to return unless you find a charging point, which also takes a few hours. Want to drive further? You gotta check if there are charing points on your way, or you’ll be in trouble.

Charging Points?

The main problem I had with this is; you need a card (some sort of subscription) in order to use most of these charging points. Since I only had this car for one week, I was not in the possession of such card. It then gets really hard to find a place to load the batteries, since you can’t just plug in somewhere (I mean.. you could, but people won’t like it if you use their plug without permission). If you have such a card and more importantly, you’re able to load the batteries in your own home (aka you have a plug in your garage), you will be fine with an electric car in general. I did not have these options, so it was extremely hard to load the batteries. And I’m not even exaggerating. At one point, Mercedes even suggested to hoist up the car, so that they could load it for me (thankfully, they do have a good costumer service, although you do need to make quite a few calls). In the end, we found a solution (I got a temporary card), but it is really important that you’re able to load the batteries at home. Which can be some kind of a problem in a big city, for example if you live in an apartment or don’t have your own garage… And this sucks, because apart from that, the Smart ForTwo is the perfect City Car.

This of course, is not the fault of the car or Smart, but rather of Belgian mobility. There should be more charging points, and they should be more accessible. Once this improves, I would want to buy a car like this myself. Until then, I think I will choose gasoline or hybrid above electric.

Smart ForTwo Smart ForTwoIn the end, I think this is the perfect car for young fashionistas like me. I could really see myself driving this car for real, but I need to save up some money first. ?

The Smart ForTwo Cabrio (with gasoline) starts from €14.762. The electric version like the one I tested starts from €25.869. Lastly, the car I tested with all of the options & features was about €31.000. Pretty hefty for such a small city car, but it’s the electric drive that makes it expensive. I think it could be a great investment, if Belgium keeps on innovating and improving the mobility and accessibility.

What is your (achievable) dreamcar? Let me know, I would love to hear!

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Have a lovely day!