Primark Peachy Palettes

G oodmorning lovely readers. Last week I was in Brussels for the opening of the new NYX store at the Mint. It was a fun beauty-event with scary zombies, dangerously yummy cupcakes and of course, amazing makeup. I got some new NYX products which I’m putting to the test now. But, as is always the case whenever I’m in Brussels, I also visited Primark. Primark has surprised many people in the past with their makeup lines, as they are super affordable and of quite good quality. My eye fell on these Just Peachy palettes, which are beyond cute. I simply couldn’t resist and got them.

The Peachy Collection

Primark Peachy

Can we just start of by appreciating this cute packaging? It quite reminds me of the Too Faced Peachy palettes. It’s a different kind of palette than Too Faced, but the main idea is the same: trendy peachy colors, that also have a peach (!) scent to them. Even though we’re slowly but surely rolling into Autumn, I simply couldn’t resist these fresh, happy colors.

Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

Primark Just Peachy CollectionThis palette is yours for only €4,50 (£2,50). With this ridiculous price, you get 9 pretty warm toned colors. It really surprised me how creamy and pigmented they are! There are two shimmers in the palette (the first on the first row, and the second on the bottom row), of which I didn’t expect much… When applied with a wet flat brush, they’re even more pigmented than my UD Naked eyeshadows. Quit impressive, for a €4,50 palette, if you ask me.
Primark Just Peachy

There are drawbacks about this palette:

  1. There is a crazy amount of fallout. The slightest touch in the pan with your brush will leave a big amount of eyeshadow “dust” everywhere. Because of this, it was almost impossible to find a completely clean palette in the store. Almost all of them were damaged, or had been opened.
  2. The packaging is made from cardboard, which is not a very sturdy material. Then again, some of my very favorite palettes (think of the HUDA Desert Dusk Palette and the Kat von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette) are also made from cardboard, and these cost over $50.

Other than those two drawbacks, I’m super positive about this palette. The quality is a-mazing, keeping in mind that this palette is so affordable. The packaging and design on this is adorbs and thought-through. I mean… It even smells like peaches… I’m sad this is just a limited edition line, but it makes me curious about their other cosmetics. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to review other Primark products!

Cheeky Peachy Blush & Highlight Palette

Primark Just Peachy Palette Primark Just Peachy Palette

Yet another time, such cute packaging! I just can’t get over it. Someone at Primark definitely deserves a pat on the back or a promotion.

In this cheek palette you get one champagne-gold highlighter and two blushes: one true pink and one soft shimmery pink. The names of the shades aren’t super original, but at least they stay within the theme. Enjoy the cute little faces embedded in the shades, because they won’t last long. Unfortunate, because they are soooo cute!

Primark Just PeachyThese aren’t the most WOW shades I’ve seen in my life, but for €5,00 (£3), I think this is a good starter’s pack. If you’re just starting out with makeup and you want to keep it safe, this palette is perfect for you. It’s not super pigmented, but you can build it up.

Primark Just Peachy Look

Primark Just Peachy Look

This is a quick look I created with these two palettes. The shades are pretty pigmented, especially if you use the foiled shades with a setting spray or water and apply it with a flat brush. Make sure to tap the exces off before applying the shadow, or you will suffer from a lot of fallout.

Some shadows take building up, but that’s to be expected with a palette that costs less than my favorite coffee on the go. After you put in some work, you definitely get a beautiful result.

This collection also includes some lipglosses, nailpolishes and some toiletry tools (tweezers, scissors etc.), all at the same affordable pricepoint. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to review these.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the rosy colors? Or do you prefer another set of colors? Let me know! 😉

Ps: the lipstick I’m wearing is from the L’Oréal x Balmain collection which I reviewed here.

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