L'Oréal x Balmain lipstick

H i Babes! After weeks of searching and no luck, I finally got my hands on the L’Oréal Paris x Balmain lipstick collaboration. These babies were pretty hard to come by but I really wanted to test them out and write a review anyway, so you know whether it is worth the hype or not.

L’Oréal Paris x Balmain lipstick

L'Oréal x Balmain lipstick

The four colors I got from left to right: Confession – Fever – Confidence – Freedom 

Every color is linked to the model wearing it in the campaign. All the models have different skin tones and ethnic backgrounds, for which I applaud L’Oréal. It’s nice to see a drugstore brand be inclusive of all skin tones, from lightest to deepest. Besides, it’s also handy that you can see which color would match your own skintone perfectly. Also gender equality is boosted with this campaign as we see Balmain’s own Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, featured in the campaign.

The Packaging

loreal x balmain lipsticks

This collection is divided into three themes, which are called tribes:

  1. The Glamazon Tribe (green packaging): The colors in this collection are inspired on colors found in the Amazon jungle. They are meant to awaken fierceness & earthly sensuality.
  2. The Couture Tribe (black packaging): Balmain wouldn’t be Balmain without including a glamorous tribe into their collection. This Tribe is said to be a celebration to Balmain’s historic Parisian couture origins.
  3. The Rock Tribe (blue packaging): This collection is true to its name. It celebrates breaking the rules, rebelling, and always being true to yourself, which perfectly describes the rock culture.

On the front, you get the L’Oréal Logo, and on the side you get the Balmain logo in beautiful gold letters. What’s interesting about this product is that L’Oréal invested in completely new machines to fabricate these lipsticks. When you turn them out, the L’Oréal logo is always in the front; the lipstick doesn’t twist when you pull it out. That way, no matter how you’re applying the lipstick, the logo is always visible. Pretty clever.

The case itself has a marble effect, which makes is feminine, sleek and classy. A perfect translation of Balmain’s philosophy in the packaging.


loreal x balmain liptsicks

From top to bottom:

  • Freedom (Rock Tribe): A vibrant purple color.
  • Fever (Glamazon Tribe): As L’Oréal describes it themselves, this color is like a lava explosion on your lips. It’s a vibrant but wearable orange color.
  • Confidence (Couture Tribe): This is a sheer rosy color with golden sparks. It’s the color of the Dutch Doutzen Kroes who is also featured in the campaign.
  • Confession (Couture Tribe): A wearable coral-y nude.



loreal x balmain

loreal x balmain

Let’s start with my favorite from the four colors I own: Confession. This coral-nude color is the perfect everyday color. Wear this one and your makeup look is done. It’s super pigmented and its staying power is pretty good too. It doesn’t wear off for hours, even after eating and drinking.

Overall: 10/10


loreal x balmain

loreal x balmain

I’m going to be honest, I don’t understand this color. I was excited for this one because the golden sparks make it super interesting, yet, when applied… I kinda look like a dead body. Admittedly, I was suffering from a bad cold while taking these pictures, true… but this lipstick just took all of the color out of my lips and made them look bleak. Nothing of the rosy tint was visible, neither were the golden sparks. L’Oréal advises to use this color as a liptopper onto another lipstick. I tried to apply this over Confession, but it mostly rubbed off that color and made it look messy. Sadly, no success.  This is my least favorite color in the collection.

Overall: 5/10


loreal x balmain loreal x balmain

Fever is my second favorite of the bunch. This color is a dream to apply, even though it’s a very vibrant color. No pencil is needed, because it’s super pigmented as well. The color itself is also pretty unique: it’s not your everyday red. This type of orange type is often hard to come by in drugstore makeup, but L’Oréal did a pretty good job on this one.

Overall: 9/10


loreal x balmain loreal x balmain

Not sure yet what I think of Freedom. The color itself is beautiful. Even though it’s a purple, it still feels very wearable. But I must admit, it’s kinda patchy. This could easily be solved by using a lip pencil underneath though.

Overall: 7/10

loreal x balmain

Overall, I think this collaboration between these two major brands is a big success. Mixing affordable brands like L’Oréal with a luxury brand like Balmain is always a hit (think of H&M and their previous collaborations with Balmain, Kenzo, Karl Lagerfelt…).

The sad thing is that these lipsticks are incredibly hard to come by. In Belgium, you can find them at the Di Stores. I would advise you to stop by or call the store, leave your details and they will contact you when the lipsticks are restocked. That’s how I got them. They’re also available on bol.com.

Will you be collecting them? I’m hoping I can get Domination (a rich red shade) to add to my collection. If I do, I will leave a mini review on my instagram page.

As always, have a lovely day