H i loves. This season, I have discovered a new love for biker boots. Yep. That’s right. Tough, leather, shiny, spikes, pins… the whole charade. I don’t know where this love for the rock aesthetic is coming from (maybe the fact that you can’t go shoe shopping without bumping into rocker boots?), but I would like to share with you my top three favorites with some shoe life hacks. Let’s go!

Style 1: Studded Cowboy-Style Buckle Boots

biker bootsbiker boots

I had been eyeballing these babies for two years until finally, this year, I decided to get them. This trend has been around for a little while. The reason for this is because, even though they are quite rock, they still look very wearable and fit a lot of different styles. I personally like how these boots look pretty tough and badass, yet remain still elegant. Oh, and did I mention comfy. They have the tiniest heel, but that’s doesn’t seem to bother me or my feet at all.

Tip: Suffering from painful feet because your new shoes are too narrow? I feel your pain! Find yourself a pair of wool socks and blow-dry them for about 2 minutes. Put them on and then wear your new shoes for about an hour. They’ll fit better! Bonus points for warm feet (cuz mine are always cold!)

These babies are from Sacha and are yours for €109,99. Be aware, on the website, the studs look almost gold, but in real life, they’re definitely silver! Keep that in mind if you have a preference for one of those. They’re real leather, which is always better for your feet by the way.

Style 2: Lacquer Look Platform Booties

biker bootsbiker boots

These are my go-to boots for when I’m in a hurry. They zip up in two seconds and fit like a dream. I must admit though, that the first 4 days wearing these shoes, my feet were hurting like hell. But after surviving on many band aids and warm foot baths, they couldn’t be more comfortable.

There’s a tiny platform heel, which makes me just a tiny bit taller, which is always nice. Who doesn’t want to be taller without having to deal with painful stiletto heels?

Tip: combine lacquer booties with other textures! Because of the interesting lacquer look they have going on, you can create interesting styles by combining them with other fabrics such as, leather, fur or lace. They look great combined with my Teddy coat and a pair of matte leather pants. Experiment! That’s the fun thing about fashion.

Tip: Since they’re not made from leather, you can get stinky feet with these shoes. The solution? Put a few (unused) teabags inside the shoe overnight. The smell will be gone when you wake up! Don’t use the teabags after though! Ew.

These booties are €49,95 at Zara.

I also got these gloves to match the rings on the boots. Who is also a sucker for details like that? I love these! (also from Zara!)


Style 3: Cut out Boots with Buckles

biker boots biker boots

Want next level rocker boots? These are for you! The first time I wore them was to a concert (not very Rock though… I went to Dua Lipa!); could they be more fitting? These cutout boots are very comfortable and simply ooze the rock-vibe.

Tip: Cut-out boots are a super fun detail that make any type of boot more special. It can be quite cold though to wear these without any socks. I like to wear them with fishnet stockings as shown in the picture below (which are surprisingly more warm than I expected), or with a special type of sock; like glitter socks for instance. Glitter socks or lace-y socks give an extra feminine touch to these pretty tough boots.

These babies from Sacha are yours for €129,00 (and also exist in white!)

Sooo, what do you think? Will you be rocking the winter with a new pair of boots? If my top 3 isn’t your cup of tea, maybe one of the pairs on the Sacha website is! I already know which pair I will order next, do you? 😉

As always,

Have a lovely day,