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Goodmorning my lovely readers. Yesterday, Winter has officially begun and to celebrate, I want to share my top 5 trends for this season. Who says Winter needs to be boring when it comes to fashion?

The fun thing about fashion is that it can be aesthetic, yet functional. Wintertime is the perfect time to experiment with layers and textures, so that’s what I did.

1. The Teddy Coat

winter trends, teddy coat

A cosy, cuddle-y teddy coat is a must-have staple in every fashionista’s closet this season. Just go out on the street and you’ll see that anyone who has at least a little bit of fashion-sense will be wearing a teddy coat. Bonus points for it keeping you super duper warm!

This particular coat is from Zara (are you surprised?), and was €69,99.

2. The Nautical Cap

winter trends

I wrote about this trend in January too, in my Sailor Style post. We’re 11 months later in the year and this trend seems to be here to stay. The only difference is that they seem to come in more sizes and shapes now than ever before. Last week, I purchased this burgundy version, which ads the perfect pop of color to my winter-y look.

This cap is from Jutka & Riska, €19,99 (but €25 online)

3. The Glen Plaid

winter trendswinter trends

The Glen Plaid  is one of those prints you cannot unsee these months. It’s everywhere… On coats, pants, caps, shirts…Literally  no piece of clothing escapes the checked-pattern. Glen plaid refers to a checked wool print that was first worn in Scotland in the 19th Century. Add a dash of color (red in my case) and you get the modern version of the Glen Plaid. I especially love this print in business-like pants, and especially this pair from Comma. They have an elastic band which makes them super comfy to wear. Almost like wearing sweatpants.

These Comma Pants are €89,99 in the webshop.

 4. V-Cut Shoes

winter trends

The pointier, the better. That’s the motto in shoe-heaven right now. This 90’s style is totally back, whether it’s in heels, flats, loafers or stilettos. My personal favorite? V-shapes with high heels. They’re super classic, yet adaptable. You can wear them to the office, to an interview, but also during a night out. Versatility in my fashion is always something I look for, and these shoes succeed flawlessly.

Personally, I’m the worst on heels, but these babes from Sacha are surprisingly comfortable. The V-shape ensures that the shoe doesn’t slip off, which is nice when you’re trying to walk around in a city like Antwerp. I know what I’ll be wearing this NYE. ?

These babies are yours for €99,99 (also available in sexy red)

5. Fluffy Fluff

winter trends

And finally, there’s fluffy textures. As I mentioned before, mixing and matching is a typical thing of the winter and thus, I love combining different types of textures: animal, velvet, satin, leather, pleather, fluffy… etc. It’s no surprise that I immediately fell in love with this bag when I first saw it. The fluff combined with the fake croco print make for an interesting design.

This Huelva Chic Tote from Parfois is yours for €44,99 (or in store, as I mentioned in one of my previous blogposts, there is now a store in Wijnegem Shoppingcenter!)


Because readers always ask where I get my accessories:

winter trends

The moon necklace is from LUZ (“light” in Spanish). It’s a very beautiful necklace that doesn’t change color. I’ve been wearing it non-stop (except when I shower) and it’s stayed the same. I love pairing it up with a longer necklace. This is from H&M. The ring is from Sonal Bhashkaran. 


Tag me on IG in pictures if you wear one of these trends, I would love to see you in them! Which one is your favorite?

As always,

Have a lovely day