skin care routine

I t’s Winter. It’s exam period. These two combined tend to take their toll on my skin. However, a few weeks ago, I started a new skin care routine and my skin has been looking and feeling remarkably better. Because of this, I want to share with you this routine (including reviews of used products).

skin care routine

For the past four weeks, I have been trying out a series of new products. I knew a stressful period was coming (think: Christmas pressure, exam pressure, cold temperatures…) and that is something that is visible on the skin. To combat this, I made it my mission to find pure, nourishing but also affordable products.

This is a long post, but I’ve added the products in the titles if you’re only here for the reviews, so you  can look up the specific product you want to know about. (press control+F and type in the brand).

In the morning…

Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

About a month ago, I was at a PR event where I was introduced to a new skin care line that Kruidvat has released. It’s a mouth-full though: Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive. The line focuses on people with an extremely sensitive skin, of which there are a lot. In the past, Kruidvat has proven that skin care doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective (last year, Test-Aankoop voted Kruidvat’s Hydro day cream, which costs €2,49, best cream on the Belgian market). Keeping that in mind, I definitely wanted to try out this line.

Skin Science Derma Sensitive: The Serum

Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive, skin care routine

Every morning, after cleaning my face, I apply this serum. The second largest ingredient in this serum (after water) is glycerin, which is known to be very good for (sensitive) skin, because it’s hydrating. And that’s how it feels! Hydrating. Very nice to wake up with. After it’s applied, it feels a little bit sticky on my skin, which is something I like, because that’s a good base for makeup.

Skin Science Derma Sensitive: The Day Cream

Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive, skin care routine

Next I brush my teeth to make sure the serum can work its magic during. After that’s done, I apply the day cream on my face and neck (don’t forget to take care of your neck! It’s one of the first parts of your face that starts to age!). The day cream feels refreshing and hydrating, and you only need two pumps to cover everything.

Both products don’t really smell like anything, which is a good thing I think. People who are allergic to perfume in products (which a lot of people with sensitive skin are) would benefit from this.

The result after four weeks? There is less redness (which the product promises to do). I still get impurities and pimples every now and then but I do notice that they disappear quicker when I use the products consistently. I was actually surprised that I liked these products this much, because I have never been much of a “skin-care girl”, but Kruidvat has got me hooked. Do I think you need both? Yes, I do. I like using them together and they seem to complement each other as you would expect from a product line.

Bonus: the packaging! I LOVE the packaging! The fact that it’s a pump, and not a container makes it so clean and hygienic. No way microbes are getting in there. I think this also helps prevent impurities and acne.

Both products retail for €5,49, which I think is an amazing deal to take care of your skin.

In the evening…

After a stressy day, I like to take a hot shower before I go to bed. It helps me relax and let go of the rut of every day. This is what I use during and after:

Yves Rocher – Marvellous Berries Sugar Body Scrub

skin care routine, yves rocher

Skin care routine, yves rocher

If there’s one product I don’t mind splurging a little bit on, it’s body scrubs. I love the idea of getting rid of the old, stressed-out skin cells and with it, nourishing the skin with a nicely scented, luxurious scrub. Once a week, I use this product (after I have put conditioner in my hair, so this has the time to soak in as well) in the shower and it really relaxes me. Since we renovated the house, I am no longer able to take hot bubble baths (#sad), but with this scrub, that’s okay. It helps me relax, even when all I can do is take a shower. Bonus points for its scent reminding me of Christmas.

This scrub can be found at your local Yves Rocher store for €12,95 (on the website it’s currently on sale for €5!)

Barnängen Shower Gel & Body Lotion

skin care routine, barnangen

I have never had this sort of reaction to a shower gel/lotion but omg, GET THIS PRODUCT. Honestly, when I got this in the mail, I was not expecting that much.  The packaging is plain and I had never heard about this brand from Sweden. But then I tried it out and now I love it (and I will definitely buy again myself).

What’s so magical about this product? Well, on the back of the packaging, it says all products contain Barnängen’s famous “Cold Cream”. I was like… “Oh… okay… whatever…”, but this Cold Cream gives me the most awesome, relaxing sensation after having been applied (especially the body lotion). First, I felt nothing, but after putting on my bathrobe again, my skin starts to feel “chilly”, but not in an uncomfortable way. It literally feels like cold cream.  This is coming from someone who is always cold, so you can believe me when I say that this is not an uncomfortable feeling.

There’s a nice perfume, but it’s not overpowering. I can honestly say that this is a product that makes me want to pamper myself and make time to take care of my body. Once again, I also like that the body lotion comes with a pump, and not in a container. That way, it’s hygienic and the lotion doesn’t get under my nails.

You can find these products at your local drugstores (Di, Galeria Inno,…) or even at the warehouse (Delhaize): bodylotion €7,99, shower gel €5,99 (such a student-friendly price point too!)

Kruidvat Skin Derma Sensitive – Oil

Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

I have a very dry skin (so I discovered about two months ago… it was a shock!). After taking all of my makeup off, it feels so soothing to be able to apply an oil to the face. You know that feeling of your skin feeling very tight because of dehydration? This oil helps with that. I like to do the same thing as I do in the morning: apply the oil, brush my teeth and then, after it’s worked in, apply the night cream.

Kruidvat Skin Derma Sensitive – Night Cream

Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

This cream feels richer and greasier than the day cream, which is a good thing. During the night, you want a heavier type of product in order for your skin to take care of itself. Because of this, you can literally have a beauty sleep.

I think the success in this line lies in the fact that it’s nice to use all four products as a set. I feel like the products really complement each other and you don’t need to break your bank account to get all of them. For €20 you’re getting four fine products, you wouldn’t even find one product for when looking at competitors. I think you should try this line if you have a dry skin that turns irritated and/or red easily, but you don’t want to spend €60 on one product.

So all in all, I am pretty satisfied with my routine. What’s yours? I would love to know!

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