V alentine’s Day is only a few days away, which means that some of you might start to panic because you don’t have a gift for your loved one yet. My boyfriend and myself don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts, but rather with each other’s presence, although I must admit… Presents are always a nice bonus (hun, if you’re reading this, it’s not a hint?). If you’re planning to surprise your girl but you don’t know what to get her, I listed a few things that made me happy when I received them. They might help you figure out what to get someone you love. Pssh girls, send this article to your love if you’d like to hint something to him or her ?

1. Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

You can afford to splurge and your love is a makeup addict? Then this palette might be what you’re looking for. I must admit, I bought it for myself (which is what you can do as well, treat yo self girl!). The colors in this palette are romantic and are perfect for date nights. They’re wearable but not your everyday brown/grey tones. Perfect for Valentine if you ask me.

As for quality, the swatches speak for themselves.


Modern RenaissanceModern Renaissance

These colors are consistently very pigmented and creamy, with just a little bit of fall out. They stay on the eyes quite good, especially if you use a primer.

You can find this palette at Planet Parfum for €54,90.

2. Shower Gel, Body Lotion & Perfume by Roger & Gallet

ValentineRoger & Gallet is a brand that I discovered a few months ago and I became an instant fan. With its romantic packaging and lovely scents, their products form the perfect Valentine’s gift. My favorites? The body lotion and shower gel with rose scent. These products leave your lover smelling wonderfully throughout the day. The bottle in the middle is a perfume. Roger & Gallet perfumes are very unique in the sense that they smell very natural in some way. Absolutely fell in love with this one.

You can find these products at Ici Paris XL: Body lotion €14,50, Shower Gel €8,90 and Perfume €36,90. Other scents and sizes are available as swell.

3. Grace Flower Box

Grace Flower Box reached out to me and asked if they could send me a flower box . If you know me a little, you know I’m obsessed with flowers so of course, I was curious. I was already planning on writing  a Valentine’s Day article so, win win right? A box of roses by Grace Flowers arrives in a big, beautifully designed box in which your flowers are stored. Mine arrived perfectly, although I could see the box had been dropped on its side at least once; there was paint (I think there’s paint on the flowers) on the side of the box. However, this didn’t matter because the flowers themselves still looked stunning, and they still do today! I’ve had them now for about two weeks.

If you take care of them, aka, just don’t touch them (you’re not allowed to water them!), they can live up to three (!) years. Boxes range from €19,00 to €299, which I understand, is a lot. But a normal bouquet of flowers is also easily €20 and only lasts you a few days at most. Three years is a long time to admire these babies. Oh and did I mention the scent? They smell incredibly nice! For those of you who are feeling extra romantic, you could hide  piece of jewellery, a letter or something else that’s small in the box, to make it even more personal. There are a lot of possibilities

These flowers are not the cheapest flowers on the market, but I think they’re worth the money if the person you love, adores flowers. You can order your flowers here (they ship to Belgium!). If you order before 11/02, they will arrive in time for Valentines Day, so it’s the perfect last-minute gift.

4. Love Vouchers


This is something you can DIY (which I did last year), or buy at Flying Tiger. It’s perfect for when you’re lazy or running out of time, but you still want to give your lover something special. This little book contains 20 vouchers which your loved one can give to you the upcoming year. The vouchers include acts like “winning the arguments all day”, “getting a 30min massage”, and a “free get-out-of-jail card” that allows you to skip family gatherings.

If you don’t have a Flying Tiger nearby, you can very easily make these vouchers yourself. Last year, I bought some tags, a bit of rope and gel pens and made them myself. It’s easy as that. Look on Pinterest if you need inspo! Then write what you want to offer your loved one throughout the year and let them pick when they want to redeem it. It’s a lot of fun too!

So now I’m curious, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Or are you completely against it? I feel like people are always one or the other. Let me know in the comments.

As always,

Have a very lovely day,