shades of grey, fashion

The past month, I have not had much time to think about fashion or styling. Life is hectic and if I were able to choose, I would have lived in sweatpants and a cosy sweater all month long. Unfortunately, your girl has obligations for which dressing up is required. The past month, I found myself going back to the same type of outfit time and time again, which is why this time I am writing an OOTM (Outfit of the Month) instead of the familiar OOTD.

Prints & Greys

shades of grey, comma
Shades of grey, fashion

I promise, my obsession with grey has nothing to do with the new 50 Shades of Grey release in the cinemas of last month. However, I am liking the monotone vibes that wearing different shades of white, black and grey convene. The best thing about this? You can’t go wrong! Black and grey are always stylish options and it makes it easier to play with prints, like I did with this coat from Comma. This specific coat is not for sale anymore, but I noticed a look-a-like on their website and good news: it’s on sale!


Sunnies during Winter?

Corlin eyewear

You always see these bloggers on Instagram wear sunglasses during winter, even when the sun is not shining. I hear you thinking, are they really that stuck-up that they need to wear sunnies everywhere, just like your average Hollywood-star? Nah, that’s not the case! Let me tell you a blogger-secret: sunglasses help making your pictures look more professional! Ha, it’s true! The sunglasses hide your eyes, so they can’t screw up your pretty picture (by being accidentally closed… we all know the struggle).

Putting that fact aside, wearing sunglasses is just a fun way to accessorise your outfit. During the month February, I bumped into this Swedish brand called Corlin Eyewear. Being obsessed with anything Scandinavian, my interest was peaked immediately. They got in touch and explained their vision: So many sunglasses are crazy expensive when they don’t have to be. That’s why they produce fashionable and qualitative models for an affordable price. I liked that idea, which is why I am telling you about this brand. Definitely worth a peep if you’re looking for a new pair of sunnies.

Sunglasses by Corlin Eyewear vary between €39,99 and €69,99.

Comfy Heels by Sacha

sacha shoes

As I mentioned above, this month I wanted to be as comfy as possible, but I did need to look my best frequently. The best way to achieve that wearing a pair of comfortable heels. Far too often I hear people say “heels hurt”, “they’re torture machines” or “I can’t walk in heels”. That’s probably because you’re buying the wrong heels. Invest in a pair that are made of good leather, with a stable heel (preferably a “block heel”) and not too high. Heels don’t need to be killer heels to look good. I had been ogling these beauties for a few months and I finally got them. Beware: you do need to walk them in. Find yourself some wool socks, warm them up with a blow-drier and walk in your shoes for about an hour. Your heels won’t hurt anymore!

These babes are yours for €119, but there are other pretty pumps and boots in their Winter collection. 

What were your favourite items this season? Let me know! I’m curious

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