dad shoes, Sacha shoes

T here is a new trend in fashion-world and there is no escaping from it. It’s one of those trends you hate at first, but once you see it a few times you go “Hmmm… Maybe I can pull this off.” Next thing you know, you’re hooked like me. What I’m talking about? Dad shoes, or even worse, daddy shoes. Let’s read on.

When I saw one of my favourite YouTubers showing off her new Louis Vuitton sneakers (Summer/Spring 18) on Instagram my instant reaction was: What the heck are those? 

Louis Vuitton Dad Shoes

It’s been a few weeks and now I actually love this comeback of a trend. Dad Shoes used to be a big hit back in the 90’s and are totally trending today. Unfortunately, this pair from Louis Vuitton will cost you almost €800 which is just a tad above my budget. Keep on dreaming Charlotte.

Dad shoes, Sacha shoes dad shoes

Fortunately for us, for trends coming from the luxury brands, there are always more affordable alternatives. This pair from Sasha Shoes are honestly the next best thing.  Not only are they the most comfy shoes I have ever owned, they’re also not so extreme as the pair from Louis Vuitton (though I would love to rock those chunky sneakers as well, but y’know… budget troubles).

dad shoes, Sacha shoes dad shoes, sacha shoesWant to wear a chunky pair of Dad Sneakers? I would advise to keep your look calm in order to let your shoes shine. Especially if they’re really chunky like the LV ones, make sure your outfit is not too “loud”. Bonus point if your outfit also oozes those 90’s vibes. Hoodies, high waisted jeans with ruffles, caps and shiny fabrics are all coming back.


Need even more inspiration? Maybe check out the shoes below. I listed my favorites. (watch me go and buy a ticket to win the lottery because I want them all).

Dad Shoes, Dad sneakers


  1. Fila – €119,95
  2. Sacha Shoes – €129,99
  3. Stella McCartney – €495,00
  4. Puma – €89,95 (not really dad shoes, but they’re gorgeous so I had to include them)
  5. Sandro – €195,00
  6. Sketchers – 65$


Which ones are your favourite? Will we see you wear dad shoes any time soon? Let me know!

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