A few weeks ago, Michelle and I were in desperate need for a girl’s day out. We’re both swamped with deadlines and projects so we decided to go out and book ourselves a treatment day via treatwell. A girl needs some me-time from time to time, right? So that’s what we did. You can read all about how that went in this week’s blogpost.

Treat-what?, Treatwell!

treat well

Treatwell is a website where you can book beauty treatments, massages or even book you next hairdresser appointment. You just type in your location, and the website searches for salons in your neighbourhood. Michelle and I wanted to get our nails done and bumped into Maison the Trazegnies (South of Antwerp).

Maison de Trazegnies

treatwell treatwellThis is where we ended up going. Maison de Trazegenies is a very beautiful luxury beauty parlour in the heart of south Antwerp. They also offer over-night stay in either the Penthouse or in a Suite, so you could make a weekend out of it. Michelle and I were welcomed by a cup of coffee and some yummy chocolates. You feel at ease from the moment you enter. Our host, Bart, is an expert in what he does and will offer personal advice in order for you to enjoy the best service.

Initially, I went in wanting gel nails, but after discussing the state of my nails, we went for gellak instead. With just a glance at your nails, he’ll be able to tell you what’s best for you.

Gellak Treatment


We decided to go with gellak instead of full-on gel nails, because I’m blessed with strong nails. Gel nails are beautiful, but they’re infamous for being not so good for your nails. Gellak is not as invasive, and lasts pretty long as well: about 3 to 4 weeks.

treatwell treatwellWe went with LCN Recolution products. These products are very expensive and can only be found by professional nail artists (they are not available for private use). They’re better than any other type of nail polish because they do not use acetone, solvents or acids. This is what makes the difference in price-range between different nail salons. There are a lot of nail salons where you can get your nails done cheaper, but they often use products that are sketchy. After applying a base coat, it was time to “bake” the base coat and start to actually paint the nail.


I chose the color “sand” and a glitter top coat for my ring fingers. After this step, he added a top-coat and in between steps I always needed to “bake” my nails. This whole process took about 30-40 minutes.

Before and After



Of course I need to show you a before- and after picture. As you can see, my nails were damaged before (even though I have strong nails). A week full of volunteering has that effect on your nails ?. The result was very beautiful. These nails lasted about three weeks on me. After that, they started chipping a little bit and it became hard not to fiddle with them.

In order to get them off, I had to file on the nail with a nail file and then soak them in nail polish remover. They came off without any trouble. After that, they were weak for about a few hours. I made sure to take care of them well after that, so they could grow.

This treatment is about €35, which is a fair price for such a luxurious setting and qualitative work. I would definitely go back.

Where do you go to get your nails done? I’d love to hear it in the comments.

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