I t feels like it was Winter just a few days ago, while we’re now walking around in short skirts and sleeveless shirts. I guess the Belgian weather works like that. Spring seems to have arrived and it’s making me long for those beach-y vacations where all I have to do is sip cocktails by the pool. My favorite thing about going on vacation? Picking out a new bikini! Hunkemöller has been upping their game the past few years and they manage to wow me every collection. I listed a few of my favorite swimwear items (together with some tips and tricks for every body type) if you are in need for some inspo.

1. The high waist

I hear you thinking: granny-panties. But no, high waisted bikini bottoms are trending and seriously, they don’t have to be unflattering. On the contrary, when you have a pear-shaped body (meaning your bust is narrower than your hips), this is a very flattering type of bikini for you. You’ll be able to hide your tummy and it covers a lot more than those tiny bikini bottoms (is it me, or do they seem to become smaller and smaller every year?).

A fabulous combo is straps + high waist, just like the example above. You’re covering up more, but showing a bit of skin through the straps. It gives you that perfect balance between comfortableness and sexiness. 

Top (€), Bottom (€22,99)

2. The Special Design

Hunkemöller, bikini

bikini, Hunkemöller

Another trend I’ve noticed emerging for the past few years, are special designs. What I mean by that is, that a bikini doesn’t have to be the basic two triangles anymore. These days, bikinis come in all shapes and forms and this is the perfect example of an out-of-the-box design.





This bikini looks like a trendy off-the-shoulder crop top, which I think is quite original. If you want to stand out on the beach and don’t mind tan lines, this is one for you. I know I want this one.

Top (€49,99), Bottom (€22,99)


3. Bomb Bathing Suit

Hunkemöller I remember putting on my bathing suit at school. We were obligated to wear bathingsuits and they were often ugly and boring (No offence. I know they’re meant for performance rather than aesthetics but still, I hated wearing them). So when I first heard bathing suits were making a comeback, I was not excited… Boy was I wrong. Bathing suits are so cool! A bathing suit doesn’t have to be boring: with a fun design and some cut-outs you’ll be just fine. A bathing suit is also perfect if you have an apple-shaped figure (meaning you have a round tummy and very thin legs). It’ll make your legs look longer and it will take away the focus on your tummy.

Bathing suit (€59,99)

4. Cutesy Triangles


Let’s rewind. I just called two triangles a “basic” design. But it doesn’t have to be boring or basic. This blue bikini is honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it’s definitely on my Wishlist. When you have a small bust, this is the way to go. You don’t need a bracket for the support, and the rushes will help you to optically enlarge your chest. Again, there are straps which are super trendy.

top (€27;99), bottom (€17,99)

5. Sporty Spice

bikini, Hunkemöller


bikini, hunkemollerA trend you see in regular fashion too is sportswear as normal wear. I talked a bit about this in this post. So why not take it to beach wear too? This type of bikini is perfect for the active beach babe who wants to throw a ball or go for a walk around the beach. Everything is zipped up safely while you still look bomb.

Of course, there are many more bikinis to choose from, you can check them here.

I know I gave some tips as for what style will match your body type the best. However, even though there might be a science to this, it is completely subjective. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy in what you wear. Don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t wear something because you don’t have the “right” body-type. That’s bullshit. That being said, I love all these bikinis and I would wear all of them even though I might not have the above-mentioned type.

Are you ready for summer? Let me know which one’s your favorite in the comments.

As always,

Have a nice day,



PS: 1000 kisses and many thanks to my friend Camille for drawing the amazing featured drawing. You are incredibly talented and I love you!