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H ello lovelies! It’s summer and we all know what that means: the festival-season has arrived again. I myself am not going to attend any festivals this summer (yet), but I will go to some concerts. Yay! However, me not going doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy spotting fashion-trends from home, right? Here are my favorite festival-proof accessories with matching outfit for this year.

Dad Sneakers™

festival festival

As some of you might have noticed, I’m going through a very sporty-street-style-kind-of-phase. Blame my love for the dad shoes (about which I talked here), but I absolutely adore this kind of style. It’s comfy, it’s easy, but it is different and it draws attention if you do it right. This is also the first thing I think you need when you’re going to a festival (although the same is true for a concert). You need comfy shoes! And to me, there’s nothing more comfortable than a fashionable sneaker. These by Sacha remain my favorite (I’ve been considering getting them in other colors too… hmmm).

Shoes Sacha, €129, here. (other colors available)

Oversized vs. Petite


I always loved to play with prints and fabrics, but I have another element to add to that mix: play with layers. This shirt is so oversized and long, it sometimes peeps from under my skirt, which gives a cool effect. I also got this mega-oversized jeansjacket from a thrift-shop and needless to say, I am in love with it (but you probably already figured that out since I’m wearing it in basically every Instagram picture I post). Combine oversized shirts with skinny jeans or mini-skirts for that edgy, cool street-style vibe.

T-shirt Weekday €15, here.

Belt Sasha €7,99, here.

Fanny Pack


A trend I thought would never see the light of day again, but managed its way into fashionista’s closets is The Fanny Pack. I used to have this when I was a child and it was so practical! But then it became unpopular, and my beloved fanny pack ended up in a far corner in my room. I’m all grown-up now, and guess what, fanny packs have made a return. Not only are they stylish, they’re also super handy when you’re dancing your little heart out at Werchter or Pinkpop. You won’t need to worry about holding a bag, and you’ll be free to move around easily.

Fanny Pack €19,99 here.


festival outfit sacha

Bad-hair-day? Rainy day? Lazy day? I got you covered. Wear a cool cap to hide it all and protect your head and hair from the sun. I’m glad caps are also making a comeback this season. You’ll find them in all colors and types: from cute pink with a bow, like black with piercings through them like mine. Use them to spice up your outfit. Effortlessly stylish if you ask me.

Cap Primark, €15

Festival-proof? I think so (even though I won’t be going to a festival anytime soon. However, I will go to a concert in October and this outfit is definitely a strong contendor.

What will you wear this festival-season?

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Have a lovely day