Hi lovelies! I’m still alive! Yes, I’ve been gone for a while but your girl has exams and priorities. It’s my birthday today though, and what better way to celebrate than write you a review? Besides, when I received this product from PR a few weeks ago, I was very curious. Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel is a brow-gel that is supposed to be easy, filling and it should last up to three days. Not having to do my brows every single day? Sign me up! So I tried out the product and decided to quickly whip out this review for you guys. Worth the hype? Let’s see.


So, this little product is supposed to do “wonders”. Here is what is promises:

  • Semi-permanent, aka, once you’ve applied the product, it’s supposed to not budge for up to three days.
  • Perfect filled-in brows.
  • Thickens your brows.
  • Waterproof and smudge proof.
  • Easy to use

Those are a lot of promises, but I can honestly say this product surprised me. When I first saw the brush, I thought it would be hard to apply. It’s not like any other eyebrow brushes I’ve seen before. Besides, semi-permanent? That sounds scary to me. What if you mess up? Do you have to walk around with askew brows for three days?


Turns out this product was very easy in use. The brush has the perfect size to fill in your brow without “colouring outside the lines.” My tip? Keep some Q-tips close though. If you mess up, you can easily remove the product without it staining. I used a Q-tip every time too to make the brows even sharper, but that’s up to you of course.

As for staying-power: the brow-gel can last a long time. You can leave it on for three days, and it’ll stay pretty well. However, I clean my face like a freak at the end of the day, in which case the ink will also dissolve.


wunder brow

Wunder brow

Have a picture of my bare-face, early in the morning, without any makeup on. Hi! I don’t know what my hair is doing, sorry. This is what my brows look like when there’s nothing on them. I have pretty thick eyebrows, but they’re sparse. The Wunder Brow would thus be the perfect solution for filling them in.

Wunder Brow

wunder brow

Tadaaa, the result: amazing filled-in eyebrows. I am so happy with how they turned out. With the gel also comes a second brush. With this brush, you can soften the look a bit, which is what I did. Otherwise, your brows will be really out there. Overall, the result is great and looks very natural.

The last thing they promised: waterproof and smudge proof. And yes, this product is both! However, as I said, when you clean your face using some kind of oil, your brows won’t last three days. Taking off your makeup at the end of the day and cleaning your face thoroughly is important, so don’t skip this just to keep your eyebrows.


Conclusion: 8/10 ▷ I think this product is worth the splurge when you have sparse eyebrows and don’t want to (or don’t have the time to) fill them in on a daily basis. Even though the product might seem daunting at first, you’ll notice its application is very easy. In other words: it’s beginner-proof.


You can purchase the Wunder Brow Eyebrow Gel at the Di stores or in their new webshop for €29,95 (There are 5 colors available).

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